How Social Distancing Has Become The New Normal

What we instinctively do is mark our personal territory, much like our dogs would, once we’re in the presence of others. And It’s not because of the condition of the world we currently live in. Social distancing has always been around.

We always habitually avoid getting close to people at work, at home, on the subway or the elevator, especially from those we’re unfamiliar with.

This personal space we seek acts as an invisible shield, offers protection, as we signal personal and social warnings if someone is too close.


How To Generate Trust In Yourself And Others

During this period of time in our history, these uncertain times, this era of life we live in, what we’re confronted with is a world full of deceit and mistrust towards our fellow human, as well as the world governments and health organizations.

What this leads to is becoming suspicious towards those we know, and especially those we are unfamiliar with.

The world has become a playground of political and business deception, becoming a fake “house of cards” which can instantly fold with fraud and illusion.

What all this does …

Live Your Life Through The Lens Of Someone In Love

What we constantly think of is to make ourselves feel bad, defeat ourselves by believing our poor thoughts and actions. We ruminate over an embarrassing moment that happened a week ago. We beat ourselves up by saying one thing, then doing another.

As we worry about the future, what we’re doing is harming our ability to live a full life today. We believe the mistakes we make, will just carry over to tomorrow.

What if, instead, we decide to ask ourselves, “How much better can I make myself feel at …

The Time Is Now To Grow Up And Become An Adult

When we are in our teens, what we are granted is entitlement. We don’t like anyone to tell us what to do, which is our right, as we’re given a sailing passage to our independence. It’s our life, our rules, and none of your business. So who do you think you are anyways, giving me direction on my life.

This is the precursor, the stepping stone from being young to becoming a full-fledged adult. This because one day soon, it will hit you with a thud, as you realize your …

6 Ways To Deal With People You Don’t Like

There is always a certain strain of people on this planet, who you may not like or get along with. Who’ll bother or annoy you in one way or another. These are the individuals, who’ll continuously taunt you, bully you, call you names, bring your spirit down.

If we had to make a list of the things which irritates us that people do, most will come up with a laundry list of issues. Perhaps it could be someone at work who constantly talks too much or too loud, an obnoxious …