The Process Of Change Before Experiencing Success

When you’re preparing yourself for positive change, make sure you keep track of how you self-talk to yourself. Never talk down to yourself, such as, “Well, I am going to blow it again.” Thoughts and attitudes are where change begins. What thoughts have is the power to control your destiny.

Understand your thoughts control your emotions, and your emotions control your actions. What you concentrate on the most, is what happens.

If your thoughts happen to focus on failure, then that’s the self-fulfilling prophecy you’ll get.

So decide to consciously …

The 2 Thinking Patterns Resulting In Emotional Intelligence

What those who are successful among us constantly displays, is their ability to control their emotions. The maturity of any person after all, is their ability to direct their feelings, thoughts and behavior, under dire situations such as stress. This quality is what’s most sought after in leaders.

So it begins by knowing and managing your emotions, which will translate into leading your organization, this regardless of hierarchy.

This is when leaders are needed to adapt to what’s known as emotional intelligence.

To adopt the scientific based patterns regarding how …

10 Side Effects Once You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

What living an active busy lifestyle usually results in is sleep being sacrificed, as it becomes a common occurrence. What’s then lost is sleep you can’t get back, such as on the weekends for instance. Throwing in a late night every once in a while however, won’t raise alarm bells.

But if it gets chronic, once you begin to skimp on sleep and it becomes routine, is when the problems arise.

Sleep and food are obviously essential for survival. What the lack of either leads to, is a breakdown of …

The Obligation To Be Fully Accountable For Your Life

What self improvement dictates is personal development, you the person continuing to get better everyday. What we need to accept first, is we’re responsible for everything that has and will ever happen to our lives. There’s no one else to blame.

The need for us to be accountable to the world, as we’re the end result of our current human being.

From the day we were born to right now, this very moment, we’re surrounded by negativity. Gravity wins as it bombards us constantly from every direction.

It begins with …

9 Poor Habits To Eliminate Which Will Improve Your Life

With all the demands placed on our lives, what we constantly walk is a tightrope of stress and calm. We live in a world of constant push and pull, attempting to get through another day.

During these times, what we pick up are certain characteristics, seemingly innocent habits which appears to be insignificant. What they can eventually do is knock us off kilter, and affect our well-being.

Issues which needs to be monitored, such as our level of physical activity or our social media usage, can affect and offset our …