You Are Living Your Best Life So Give It Your Greatest Shot

It all comes down to taking everything you’ve ever learned in life, and using the lessons to your benefit. Your hurts, wins and your failures, and applying these experiences towards every moment of your existence moving forward. All of the good and bad experiences on why you live today.

Most however will experience a lot in their lives, but will fail to define or apply them. So mindful execution becomes necessary.

We live for a limited time on a continuous journey we direct. It’s our life, our destiny, our rules. …

Learn To Live A Full Life By Being Honest With Yourself

Try to be as honest as possible with yourself which isn’t a new concept. Only you know who you are first, your flaws, this before anyone else does. You’re the only person who knows what needs to be done, changed or altered.

So be honest, be true to yourself first about what you’re wanting to do, to achieve, who you want to become.

Be completely honest in every area of your life, because no one else really cares about you. You can only fix what’s wrong, and make the changes …

How To Stand Up For Yourself And Not Be Taken Advantage Of

It’s found one of the key characteristics when it comes to bullying, is it’s those individuals who constantly attempts to please others to a fault, are usually the victims. Although it’s a honorable trait to be nice to others, they are the primary targets of intimidation.

Yet what most of us habitually enjoy is pleasing the needs of others, not always realizing it can make us a bit vulnerable.

We then get taken advantage of to those who are controlling and demanding, and wanting to prey on our demeanor.

It’s …

How To Remain Optimistic In Times Of Adversity

Adversity is the unexpected grief or trauma that can strike us at any moment in our lives, usually from left field. This when we’re least expecting it the most. Although many claim there’s order in the Universe which directs our lives, chaos does happen. Once setbacks do occur they can be devastating.

To help us through these times, what’s needed is an optimistic mindset. Optimism is the core belief things, particularly our immediate future will turn out well.

That after any tilt off balance, we’ll continue to have positive experiences, …

11 Health Benefits Of Energy Healing Using Chakra Therapy

Energy healing was practiced, before medical doctors, emergency hospitals, lab produced chemical medication or the Internet health experts ever existed. What many did to heal themselves was use home based techniques, such as energy healing.

There are a variety of health benefits realized by this self-taught method. Deep relaxation for stress release, better sleep, and the reduction of high blood pressure.

What energy healing does, is it raises the vibrational and consciousness levels in your body so it can heal itself.

It also gives you the mindful strength needed to …