How To Remove Mental Blockages From Your Life

There’s a perception that self-growth is easy, a paint by numbers diagram then your life will flourish, and become enjoyable and rewarding. The theory exists it can be, but the journey will most likely be a twisting one where things can fall apart, and your world begins to crumble.

Going forward means looking back and recognizing, then dissolving your past blockages which holds you back.

These are often deep rooted beliefs which are formed in our childhood, or from trauma early in life.

These are behaviors which are holding us …

Reasons Why You Attract The Same Toxic Love Affair

Toxic love is defined as relationships, those recurring chronic love affairs you become attached to, despite how hard you try to avoid them. They make you feel bad, you know they’re bad for you, yet you get seduced in.

What true love is supposed to be is fulfilling, a soulmate is supposed to complete you, but what you feel instead is loneliness and disappointment.

Any love affair which has anxiety and pain, are more common than the ones featuring compatibility, pleasure, and contentment.

What becomes common is blaming each other …

10 Ways Of Recognizing Toxic People In Your Life

There are destructive individuals among us, who has a toxic personality. They can be found in plain sight or be hiding in the weeds, waiting to prey on your sensitivities like a plague. This only to feed their ego, to fortify their low self-esteem.

Their negative ways, are usually considered the downside of the human condition. We all know one or several toxic people, as we try to avoid them at all costs.

We are usually associated with them as relatives, siblings, someone we work with, or know them socially …

10 Things To Never Say To Your Boyfriend If He’s The One

The theory is men generally aren’t as emotional as women are, that the macho male can generally absorb more verbal and behavioral abuse than women can. That the dude can deal and rationalize with disappointment better.

Having said that, there’s a line women should never cross, this regardless of how tough or alpha their man appears on the exterior.

He’s still the vulnerable little boy when mistreated, especially if he loves you, particularly if he considers you his life partner.

While insults or rejection from strangers or acquaintances will usually …

The Art Of Effective Communication With Our Fellow Humans

Since we are social animals, the biggest part of our lives is to communicate with others. Share and receive thoughts, this by exchanging vital information, understanding the other persons feelings or intent.

These are essential skills needed when it comes to connecting, this in business and in every social situation.

So it’s not surprising it’s misunderstanding that creates a divide, which forces couples to counseling, business deals to fall apart, as it’s responsible for almost everything people struggle with.

With cooperation, what can occur is both parties to communicate better, …