How To Write Better Content To Attract More Readers

The Internet is all about constructing engaging content with your reader, and you have a split-second to do so. This in a world of online information seekers, who has the attention span of a house fly.

Everyone is frantically searching, so it’s easy for them to become distracted by flashing banners and reading something better. Just one click of the mouse and they’re gone forever, you’ve lost them.

This can happen in an instant. You’ve done it yourself online when searching for information. The reason why you leave can be …

The 3 Foundations When Building Financial Security

We’re all thrust into this thing called life. We’re then forced to make a living without given a real road map on how to get financially independent. What we’re taught in school are the fundamentals such as math, English, and exercise. Then we’re set free to survive in the world out there.

We’re graded on our aptitude. Johnny, if you’re good at science, then you should become an engineer. Sally, you should become a nurse, because you have caring empathy towards others.

What’s not taught, is how to earn money …

How To Get What You Want In Life Right Now

Every day we wake up, we want something right now. Most are minor in nature such as a hot cup of coffee or to go to the bathroom. We then have bigger demands and life quests, which appears on the horizon or the immediate future. All things we want.

There’s something that’s always pending at this very moment, this very second, so it’s usually urgent.

As our thoughts are taken from our imagination to our consciousness, what’s constantly asked is, “What is it I want?”

Regardless if these thoughts are …

How To Replace Your Job With Multiple Streams Of Income

At some point in our working lives we eventually ponder. “Is this it, is this all there is to life? To worship the almighty dollar so I can survive another day?” What most will do in this condensing economy on a daily basis, is exchange their time for money.

The money they earn, becomes dependent on how many hours or how efficient they are at their job.

Then at the end of the week or month, they get paid for their efforts, which they can spend however they choose. This …

How To Overcome The Fear Of Selling For A Living

For those who has chosen sales as their occupation, many experience a fear of selling on a daily basis even though it’s their job. This also applies to businesses who knows they need to get out there and hustle to generate revenue, but are unsure, scared or unwilling to do so.

These thoughts of apprehension involves and strikes everyone in business at one time or another, from the very first time novice salesperson, to the seasoned sales or marketing professional.

Anyone can be held back from achieving success on occasion, …