11 Human Coping Mechanisms In Times Of Change

Everything in life, anything alive is in constant perpetual motion, whether it’s good or bad. When we’re sleeping for instance, our body naturally heals itself right to the moment we wake up. We and the world around us are constantly changing, evolving forward.

What we feel are the results of these changes, some good, the majority are just average and a work in progress, so we think nothing of them.

What any change involves is a shift in our emotions as humans, and it always doesn’t feel great while it’s …

10 Essential Nutrients The Body Needs To Improve Health

What essential refers to, is the body isn’t capable to producing any of the following nutrients on its own, so what’s needed is consuming them externally, which are a variety of vitamins and minerals. Nutrients from different foods gives us the necessary materials needed for stronger healthier bodies.

There are various types of nutrients that are needed, and what each of them plays is a specific purpose for maintaining better health.

What knowing each of the key essential nutrients that the body needs and the reasons why, is the first …

How To Apply The Law Of Multiplication To Create Wealth

The theory being that every motion we make in life as humans, has a calculated predetermined protocol that can be traced. Some claim it’s just a series of scientific steps we can follow, to get whatever we want in life. This case study is based on what most want, which is generating more money.

The belief being, you can follow a step-by-step scientific set of laws that abides to the accumulation of wealth, and once it’s followed it can’t fail.

We’re all familiar with multiplication we learned in school, which …

10 Bodily Symptoms Of A Deficiency In Magnesium

What’s not that well known is magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral found in the human body, and the 8th most abundant mineral found on earth. It’s involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions that occurs in the human body on a daily basis.

Around 50% percent of the magnesium is stored in the bones, while small traces are found in the blood. It’s magnesium that’s critical for maintaining the majority of proper organ functioning.

Signs of magnesium deficiency includes tingling, numbness, cramping, and abnormal heart rhythm, which can elevate …

5 Detrimental Ways How Sugar Damages The Brain

An addiction is defined as a dependency to a substance or a thing. An addiction is a bad habit, where some are more obvious than others, but detrimental just the same. Anything that’s bad for you, anything that damages health, something as common as sugar is an addiction.

We as children are targeted and victimized as we’re introduced and fed the smooth taste of sugar as a reward, if we behave.

Susan you have been a good girl this week, so here is a cookie, unbeknownst to mom it’s playing …