Natural Foods Which Forces Blood Through The Arteries

The arteries in the human body are similar to a massive superhighway of traffic, as blood races through the body. The more efficient the flow the better. What’s ideal is minimal restrictions with no interruption which can impede it’s flow, clogging it down.

A healthy heart is the core driver of a vibrant thriving body, pumping blood efficiently through to where it’s needed.

The need to keep the heart in tip-top shape while allowing it to pump as effectively as possible, becomes mandatory.

What’s needed is keeping the entire circulatory …

10 Ways How Everyday Activities Can Blunt Your Brain

Living a long life becomes the objective since that’s all we know. To breathe another day. We have no idea who preceded us, or what will happen once were gone. It’s our duty, our obligation as humans to preserve ourselves as long as possible.

Yet, what we constantly do are detrimental things on a daily basis which shortens our lives. Doing so blunts our brain at times unknowingly, often on purpose, but usually unaware.

Our brain is the key to every action we take. So it comes down to taking …

9 Ways On How To Relieve That Pounding Headache

One of the biggest violations of our livelihood is getting a headache. Everyone gets headaches from time to time, this for a variety of reasons, as the brain stresses or distorts.

It can be, and hopefully is just a minor annoyance, while it can become a skull crushing distraction, which can obviously lead to serious consequences.

Treatment to relieve these headaches can vary, this depending on the type and degree that’s experienced.

Most are just a nuisance, so there are some quick and natural feel better soon strategies, along with …

9 Healthy Alkaline Foods To Balance Your pH Levels

What the healthy human body needs is to be slightly alkaline on the pH scale, for it to function at its peak efficiency. The optimal pH level which suits our blood and body tissues, is around 7.4 on a scale of 14. So slightly more alkaline than acidic.

The various foods along with the essential nutrients we consume on a daily basis, after every meal, can tip the scale either way.

The convenient foods we all enjoy in the instant world we live in, such as processed foods, fast food, …

How To Naturally Remove Toxin Buildup From The Body

Once we’re born and from the very moment of our first cry, we begin to breathe in toxic substances into our body. Most poisons are eliminated, but eventually harmful residue begins to build up. What this accumulation does is deteriorates and runs down the state of our immune.

So eliminating this environmental buildup of these toxins from the body, becomes a necessary preventive maintenance measure. This so we can remain as healthy as possible as we age.

The healthy body falters to external toxins, usually because of our unhealthy food …