10 Essential Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

In this increasingly convoluted world we live in, there are now millions who claim they’re survivalists, and live “off the grid.” That they’re preparing or are sheltering themselves, in case of some type of further world catastrophe or danger.

Or imagine yourself suddenly finding yourself lost or stranded on an island, or deep in a forest somewhere, far away from civilization. You need to learn how to survive another day.

What if some form of natural disaster strikes, an “act of god,” and what you need are the core essential …

7 Natural Remedies To Boost Your Immune System

It’s our immune that gets attacked first, once the immediate environment changes. The winter gets too cold and blistery, as the germs and viruses swim violently around us. There’s that pandemic. There are a variety of health hazards lurking.

What we hope for is the immune will hold up, and doesn’t succumb to the viruses which are threatening.

Once any airborne illness enters the workplace or household such as the common cold or allergies, what it invariably does is make its presence known.

It’s up to you to prevent these …

10 Affordable Healthy Foods When On A Tight Budget

If your financial situation needs to be improved or you’re a student, these are the times to eat as healthy as possible. This to avoid any prolonged illness you definitely can’t afford.

Once you keep yourself healthy from within, you’re in a better position to fight off any ailments. Doing so allows you to concentrate on your financial difficulties or schooling.

It’s possible to eat on the cheap, feeding on nutrient rich foods, while saving money during the process. The formula becomes to eat as wholesomely healthy as possible, while …

A First Aid Kit Using Natural Remedies For Minimalists

What everyone encounters are health maladies, the occasional “boo-boos” such as headaches, a sore throat, a sudden aching tooth, upset stomach, minor burns and scrapes, all which can suddenly appear when unexpected.

What’s known is that most of these issues can be handled effectively from home, with natural remedies. For minimalists, the key becomes stocking up on holistic solutions, and preparing their own first-aid kit, for when these common minor injuries and illnesses arises.

Traditional natural remedies are often known to work just as well as a prescription from your …

Good Morning Grumpy Sleepyhead Heres How To Get Better Sleep

Sleep remains one of the biggest mysteries and pleasures of life, as it’s our key most critical need to keep us alive. Everyone you know, the monsters, the politicians, all our hero’s and even superman, all need sleep to live another day.

Every human will spend up to a third of their lives to sleep as we love it, regardless of who we are.

So forget all the claims of what’s sacred or rare, what’s going extinct on this earth, as getting decent shuteye is our most precious commodity.

The …