Various Ways How Someone Is Trying To Manipulate You

Being manipulated can be described as an action of undue influence, an attempted slight of hand deception. This through mental distortion along with emotional exploitation, if the other person is unaware or ignoring.

This with the intention of seizing control or power, gaining benefits or privileges, at the victims expense.

Know the difference between strict manipulation, and common social influence from intentional complicity.

Social influence, is common for those personal interactions at work, home, or among friends.

Psychological manipulation, is used to gain some type of benefit or advantage over …

The New And Improved Methods On Finding Your Life’s Purpose

What your true purpose in life carries, are unique characteristics only special to you. This blueprint of your life is hopefully a phenomenal one, which is so individual you and only you can carry it out. It’s your life and your responsibility.

What you need to beware of about your destiny, is there will always be others close to you who will chime in.

These includes your parents and educators, friends and siblings who’ll contribute their input and insight.

Before deciding what you think your true life’s purpose is, do …

The Responsibility Of Having Accountability For Our Life

What we eventually end up doing to better our lives, is go on a trek of self improvement. This stipulates development, continuing to get better as a human. What we first need to accept, is we’re ultimately responsible for everything that ever has, and will ever happen to our life.

We need to be fully accountable, as we’re the final result of our current being. From the day we were born to this very moment, we are who we are and have become.

What we live in however is a …

Establishing A Mindset Of Abundance Before Attracting Money

It’s easy to think when you’re struggling in life, short on money, the world is conspiring against you. That life is a cruel unfriendly place and you’re cursed. There you are, working feverishly at your job, but there’s more money going out than coming in.

It’s an uphill struggle, as you just can’t seem to get ahead. What this does is leaves you in a state of despair, as stress and anxiety mounts.

You begin to count pennies instead of dollars, while others close to you appears to be better …

How To Set Up A Marketing Plan To Accelerate Success

What most aspiring marketers will unwittingly do, is sabotage their own entrepreneurial success. Who or why first of all, would intentionally do that. What many will do when starting out, is pay little attention to the long term lifeline of their venture.

This means having an effective doable marketing plan for their business that works.

They also fail to work on human development, to become a better functioning person themselves. As that’s the engine that drives their freedom.

The intent is there however, as they’re running ads on the Internet …