The Ongoing Debate: Who’s The Superior Gender Men Or Women

So why can’t we just get along. This perhaps remains the biggest bitter debate between the genders. Most want to believe we both have equal ability, rights and potential. Arguments stem even from the smallest of minor differences, this having a discordant effect on both sides of the fence.

The differences are apparent early in life, when it comes to physiology and emotions.

As infants, it’s known boys are a lot more hyper and will spend more time awake.

Girls will develop quicker physically at an earlier age, and are …

The Need To Trust Yourself First Before Trusting Others

Trust is something new born babies instinctively do. They trust the first person they bond with, and it grows from there. Have you ever noticed how vulnerable they are. What they do is trust everything you say or act. They rarely question us, regardless of what we tell them.

They hang on to and believe our every word, and why shouldn’t they. Children haven’t been exposed to mistrust yet, nor would they recognize it at such an early age.

Then they grow older, and come in contact with other children, …

This Is Your Only Life So Why Not Give It Your Best Shot

What it all comes down to, is taking everything you’ve ever learned in your life, and then applying it to every moment moving forward. All of the hits and the misses, the wins and losses. Most however, will learn a lot but will fail to define it, or apply it. So practical execution is necessary.

We live for a limited length of time on this earth, on a continuous journey we direct. It’s our life, our destiny, our rules.

This is how we should be defining our existence. The thought …

How To Make Adjustments To Your Current Life Circumstances

One of the biggest discrepancies in our society, is how wealth inequality and wealth acquisition occurs. The issues stem from what it’s roots are, why some people and countries are poor while others get rich. On a personal level, how one is able to generate and maintain more wealth than their peer.

Life is a game of risk, of chance and a strategy, such as what the game of poker represents, metaphorically speaking. The gamble that is wealth generation when compared to life, is somewhat similar.

When playing poker, you’re …

The Path To Success Begins With Doing Things Properly

There are always certain barriers that exists, detriments us, which creates an uphill struggle to whatever we attempt to accomplish. Doing so can impede our ascension towards the success we’re wanting or deserve. Realize there are effective ways to overcome them.

It begins with knowing what they are, then having the motivation to do something about it.

The biggest question you may have, is why are there some individuals, perhaps a friend, coworker, or family member, who’s constantly able to achieve success.

They win at life, while others, perhaps you, …