Reasons Why You Attract The Same Toxic Love Affair

Toxic love is defined as relationships, those recurring chronic love affairs you become attached to, despite how hard you try to avoid them. They make you feel bad, you know they’re bad for you, yet you get seduced in.

What true love is supposed to be is fulfilling, a soulmate is supposed to complete you, but what you feel instead is loneliness and disappointment.

Any love affair which has anxiety and pain, are more common than the ones featuring compatibility, pleasure, and contentment.

What becomes common is blaming each other …

Why Dancing Is The Best Exercise For Your Brain And Body

From an early age what we’re taught is physical education, exercising, is just as important as Social Studies or Algebra in school. What the brain and the body does however as we grow older, is usually opposes any type of physical activity.

To set up a life of accomplishment as adults, what we need is to refine a delicate balance in our brains of bodily movement and education, for better living.

What studies show when it comes to physical movement and human health, is it falls into two categories, which …

Learn To Heal By Writing A Story Of Your Unfulfilled Life

We all write for a variety of reasons. For therapy, to expose and exhaust our dark cloudy minds, to release our inner angst by feeling united. You don’t need to be good at it, as it will eventually refine itself, find its own flow.

We were all forced to write a story or an essay in school, which often became a dreadful exercise. It became a chore, as the English teacher gave us a skeleton to prose but rarely a plot.

Plenty of frustration was endured late at night, the …

How To Attract Better Luck In A World Full Of Skeptics

Most think it’s fate, the reason why some appear to be more luckier than others. Why not subscribe to the thought, that luck flowing your way can actually be created by you exerting higher targeted energy to what you want. That it’s not by accident or some type of mystical intervention.

The majority of the populace however, are content to allow others, or destiny, to make their luck for them and believe it’s out of their hands.

The successful know they can generate their own luck, this by better directing …

10 Things To Never Say To Your Boyfriend If He’s The One

The theory is men generally aren’t as emotional as women are, that the macho male can generally absorb more verbal and behavioral abuse than women can. That the dude can deal and rationalize with disappointment better.

Having said that, there’s a line women should never cross, this regardless of how tough or alpha their man appears on the exterior.

He’s still the vulnerable little boy when mistreated, especially if he loves you, particularly if he considers you his life partner.

While insults or rejection from strangers or acquaintances will usually …