How To Improve Your Memory When Needing To Remember

What we’ll do is dismiss forgetting when young, and blame it on absentmindedness, but it’s frustrating all the same. As we grow older, the occurrences of going into a room and wondering why we did so, or suddenly losing our train of thought when on the computer, becomes routine and annoying.

Forgetting is a condition that’s thought it can be cured to some extent, or at the very least be counteracted.

What’s needed is to become more mindful of our everyday movements and activities. Then decide to take control and …

5 Ways On How To Increase Emotional Intelligence

It’s been proven time and time again that in the real world, it’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that’s more important to success in life, rather than possessing a high IQ. Those having a high EQ measurement, has the ability to mindfully be aware of any situation surrounding them and will generally act accordingly.

This allows these individuals to adapt to life crisis more maturely. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to function properly in any and all social or work related situations.

The mindfulness to understand, comprehend, manage and react efficiently. The …

Effective Measures To Keep Our Aging Brains Active

Any muscle not used becomes stagnant. Our brains, being one of the most largest and the most essential, will decay if not put into active activity as we age. The key becomes to maximize our brain activity as much as possible for ultimate longevity.

The best possible way to do so, is by keeping our minds functional and engaged during our leisure time.

This by doing “think” provoking activities we enjoy doing. The ones which challenges us while being fun, so we’ll want to participate and do them often.

As …

A Lesson In Prioritizing Your Life In This Complex World

A professor of philosophy stood before his class, silently waiting as the last of his students filed in and found their seats. With a number of different items on the table in front of him, he waited patiently for the last bell. He then lifted a large empty glass beaker over his head for all to see.

Like a magician showing there was nothing up his sleeve, he panned the corners of the room then placed the beaker back on the table.

He then began filling it with golf balls, …

The Benefits Of Understanding One Word At A Time

We as humans are the only living creatures, who knows how to monitor the exact state of our brain. We know how it’s functioning at this very moment. We’re the only ones that can experience our own headaches, or those brilliant moments of thinking we have.

We’re the only living creatures, who are able to process learning something new, maybe other than my dog. We know exactly when we begin losing brain cells or have brain cramps.

The proper functioning and the maintenance of our brains, becomes key. This to …