How To Overcome The Fear Of Selling For A Living

For those who has chosen sales as their occupation, many experience a fear of selling on a daily basis even though it’s their job. This also applies to businesses who knows they need to get out there and hustle to generate revenue, but are unsure, scared or unwilling to do so.

These thoughts of apprehension involves and strikes everyone in business at one time or another, from the very first time novice salesperson, to the seasoned sales or marketing professional.

Anyone can be held back from achieving success on occasion, …

The Principles Of Yin-Yang In Our Modern Day

We walk a tightrope our entire lives as we balance our choices. The entire existence of anything living on this planet, the process of our well being is a divide of contrasts. These are usually black and white, good and evil, yes and no, yin-yang.

We all have somewhere, perhaps in the far recesses of our being, hidden dormant in the back of our minds, a dark side to our personality we don’t dare to poke.

We also wonder how this “dark-side,” could possibly bring forth new light and hope.…

What Money Can’t Buy In A World That’s Obsessed With It

Having money in pocket is an obsession. We go to school, enroll in post secondary education, all to get the best paying job we can, all for the acquirement of money. Money buys things, buys status, everything we need from food, clothes, cars to houses, including love.

Money makes the world go around, there’s even a song about it. The number one thing on almost everyone’s wish list is having more money.

Having more money is thought to solve all and every issue and malady people have. It’s the ultimate …

9 Natural Mind Tricks To Improve Memory As You Age

On a daily basis, the human brain is bombarded with a variety of different concepts, facts, dates, and numbers to remember. It’s not always possible for the tiring noggin to grasp and remember all of them.

Everyone on occasion forgets. The human mind is no different than any other type of physical memory storage device. There are ways however to refine it better than any other system.

What it’s capable of, is storing information in the form of data, facts and figures, while being able to recognize hundreds of faces, …

The Human Right To Choose Every Direction Of Your Life

Our life begins to function better, more efficiently once we start making our own life choices. But most will continue to struggle by stubbornly remaining the same, live our lives in sorrow and disappointment, as what we fear is change.

When it comes to children, most choices are made for them, mainly because they need direction at various stage of their lives.

So their parents, guardians or teachers will tell them exactly how and what to think, as they dictate their world views whether it’s right, wrong or prejudiced.

As …