Best Natural Products To Rid Of Annoying Bugs And Insects

how to naturally get rid of bugs and insectsIf you’re wanting to eliminate those annoying pests, the most common of the bugs and insects which are rampant in and around your home, you can do so without using those usually toxic store bought harsh industrial chemical sprays.

So if these bugs and insects happen to be on the rampage and attacking your porch, garden, or the inside of your house, using those chemicals can often do more harm than good for the safety of your family and pets. So it’s recommended that you try out the more natural methods, by using safer everyday household ingredients to effectively keep those bugs at bay. Doing so will keep them away while living in a safer environment.

Attracting Bugs
Especially during the warmer months, when you’re back from a long day of outdoor activity, such as, hiking in the woods, biking around the park, or sitting at the poolside, you can easily find yourself beginning to itch from the various bug bites which are beginning to welt on your skin.

Or it may be that army of ants which has invaded your balcony and are making a determined march towards your kitchen, and the fruit bowl. If you’re using the store bought chemical sprays to eliminate them, or using other methods such as lotions, or candles, in an attempt to fight them off, you’re just inhaling unnecessary fumes.

So try out these natural organic solutions which should effectively keep the various nuisances away.

Natural Organics Products For Eliminating Bugs

Getting Rid Of Bees And Wasps
Natural ingredients which are known to repel bees which are in and around the home are:
Tea Tree Oil: Traditionally known to be one of the best natural solutions which is able to keep away the bees and wasps. Apply a bit of tea tree oil wherever the bees are present, or apply a bit on yourself as a natural repellant.
Baby Powder: While it’s not exactly a natural substance, using baby powder to keep the pests away is significantly better than using any of those harsh chemicals which are found in the sprays. So sprinkling a bit of powder in and around the specific areas where the bees are found, should do the trick.

Those Annoying Flies
The best natural ingredients which are known to keep those unsanitary flies away include:
Bay Leaf: Whether you use dry bay leaves or grow or buy fresh bay leaves, this excellent herb provides the protection you need from keeping the flies away. So always keep a batch of bay leaves near your food, or fruits and vegetables which are indoors, especially during the winter months. It’s also great for protecting your cupboards from flies as well.
Cloves: Poke and place cloves directly into the surface of either an apple, orange, or lemon, for maximum effectiveness. Then place the fruit anywhere that the flies are found and to be bothersome. These combos work extremely well and the flies won’t even bother coming near.
Lavender: Lavender to most smells absolutely great, but it’s not as pleasant to the flies. You can place it near the food that you’re serving, or keep it on your counter, or living room, or anywhere else that flies may frequent.


Keeping Away The Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes can be the most annoying of pests, especially at night when they’re buzzing around your ear, as that can be just as bad as the bites. So recommended are the following natural ingredients:
Vitamin B-1: For some, this may be a bit strange, but there are many avid sportsman and women, who spends their time outdoors, who swear that taking doses of vitamin B-1 keeps the pesky mosquitoes away.
Citronella Plants: Most of us have most likely tried using citronella candles, but the natural citronella plant themselves, works for effectively warding off the mosquitoes. So try placing the live plant directly on your porch, or near a door or window where the mosquitoes are, as this is an excellent natural alternate source.
Mint, Basil, and Rosemary: An excellent technique to keep the bugs away is steeping, as a tea, any of these combinations of herbs directly in hot water, and then keeping the mixture handy in a spray bottle. You can also store it in your refrigerator when not in use. Then use the spray on those particular nights when the mosquitoes are rampant. You can also spray it directly on your skin as well.

How To Keep The Ants Away
The ants are attacking your house, so what to do. Try out these natural household ingredients to effectively keep them away:
Vinegar: Fill up a spray bottle with pure vinegar, and keep it on hand whenever the ants appear. Misting the area with vinegar is guaranteed to repel the ants immediately on contact.
Cinnamon: Once you sprinkle cinnamon in and around the area that you’re trying to keep, or rid of the ants from reaching, they’ll just avoid the line of the spice. Drawing a line using industrial chalk will do the same trick as well.
Mint Or Basil: Try placing potted mint or basil around your windowsill, door, porch, or out in your yard. The aroma of these herbs are known to effectively keep the ants away.

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