Best Natural Methods For Speeding Up A Slow Moving Metabolism

doing cardio exercisesThe symptoms are that once you wake up, you feel sluggish and low on energy after a night of sleep. You attempt to work hard, while working towards your diet and weight loss goals, yet you never seem to be making any forward progress or development.

What you’re suffering from is a slow metabolism. To speed it up, there are effective natural methods on improving it, this so it doesn’t detriment your daily living. What’s known are approaches to boost up this endurance, which will improve your energy levels.

What metabolism refers to is the rate of efficiency that the body is able to convert the food you consume, into usable energy. It’s the biological process where energy is extracted from the food. The net result being how quick or slow your body burns calories.

Drink More Fluids
Water is the magical liquid, so you should be drinking adequate amounts for your body size, style, and weight. Depending on the conditions, it’s always thought that more is better.

What it does is jump starts your metabolism while flushing out toxins, sodium, and fat. What drinking water before meals does is fills your stomach which prevents overeating.

Avoid excess coffee, tea, cola, and sugary juices. What caffeine does is dehydrates you as it’s a diuretic.

Eat Every Few Hours
Choose to eat small balanced meals every few hours, including snacks. These meals should be well balanced, meaning they should contain protein, carbohydrates, and natural fat.

What not eating consistently promotes is a slow metabolism and fat storage. What skipping meals does is slows down metabolism. To activate fat loss, consume the right portions every three hours throughout the day.

Never Skip Breakfast
Breakfast remains the most important meal of the day, as it activates your metabolism in high gear. Similar to driving your car on an empty tank, never begin your day without adequate nourishment.

What breakfast does is sustains your metabolism for the day, while you continue to eat the right combination of proteins, carbs, and fats every several hours.

Don’t Fear Fat
What fat has developed is a bad reputation. What most think is that it’s fat that makes them fat, which isn’t true. It’s the type of fat, and how much fat that’s consumed is what impacts the composition of ones body fat.

Fat is needed in the body, and those who chooses a low-fat diet, has a more difficult time to lose their body fat. The key is eating naturally healthy fats, such as avocados, olive oil, various nuts and seeds, flax, and omega-3, this to receive your necessary fat.

Eliminate Trans Fat
Trans fat is considered as an extremely bad fat, and the cause of weight gain, low energy, and heart disease. It’s difficult to lose weight by eating fast food, frozen dinners, and other processed foods where trans fat is prominent.

Trans fat is a man made fat, and one of the worst you can ingest, let alone halt your fat loss efforts. Instead, consume the foods which are as close to Mother Nature as possible.

Be Active With Cardiovascular Exercises
What’s recommended is remaining active at least six days a week. Always walk, take the stairs whenever you can. Get as much bodily movement as possible, which as a result works out the heart and lungs.

When working out, it’s cardio exercise which works best on these vital organs, while burning the most calories.

The best is doing cardio first thing in the morning, this on an empty stomach which burns the overnight fat stores, while keeping the body burning calories an hour after the cardio exercising.


But know if you don’t bother eating a healthy breakfast, all the early morning cardio that’s performed can become detrimental, as doing so on a low calorie diet, does is burns muscle instead of fat.

Another good period is after your last meal of the evening. This because it allows you to burn the calories consumed, so you won’t sleep on them, as they turn into fat.

HIIT Workouts
What can be blended are High Intensity Interval Training or (HIIT) into your cardio exercising, this for variety which gives your metabolism and body a good jolt.

What the body is programmed for is to adapt. So doing the same boring routine cardio daily can become stale really quick.

What’s recommended is implementing two days a week with HIIT, to give the body a much needed shock. What HIIT involves is alternating low intensity, moderate, to high intensity cardio training.

Weight Training
What resistance training such as lifting weights does is builds muscle mass, which is metabolically active tissue. The more muscle that you acquire, the faster that your metabolism will become.

What adding more lean muscle tissue to your body does, is it will also tone while putting all the right curves in the places that you want, while allowing you to consume more calories during the day.

Listen To Your Body
What being too hard on yourself with your workouts, can be just as dangerous as not choosing to work out at all. So listen carefully to your body and make sure you get the proper rest.

Reduce your training if you’re sick or injured, or still a bit sore from the previous workout. Training under these circumstances can cause more issues than it solves.

To Improve Metabolism
Metabolism is the natural energy that your body generates. If you continue to suffer from a poor metabolism, there may be underlying issues you need to address.

These can include food allergies, hormonal imbalance, sluggish thyroid, parasites, or toxin buildup. What’s then needed is determining the cause. Most often, detoxifying and then a proper diet cures the ailment.

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