Believing In The Magical Mystical Path For Abundant Living

mystical tourThis is what hits the heart hardest, this for everyone who believes in the magical, that there’s an influence. Most don’t realize it. To others it’s pure conjecture. Some are lost in the darkness, that faith doesn’t exist, that our society is completely generic, cosmetic, and bland.

Those who believe in magical powers appear to be on a mission. Part of it’s to help others who still have their feet stuck in clay, those who remain to have naive materialism, and are unaware of their esoteric powers that they possess. Understand there’s magic within them.

So if you have a remote glimpse that you yourself are magical, then you’re steps ahead of the fray. This may mean that you’re already in the know, and you may not need this advice, so just refresh yourself.

The Synchronization Of All Things
Events tend to speed up whenever you perform rituals, meditate, do prayer or have focused intentional movement. At times, these synchronizations may just appear pointless, but often they can be dramatically life altering.

The biggest alignment which can occur is meeting another person who’s magical themselves, you know in an instance. What doing so becomes a thrill, it becomes overwhelming, it can be love.

You’re Sensitivity To Lunar Cycles And The Seasons
The more magical you are, and it can be just a matter of you believing that you are, the more energy of light, which is one of the brightest cosmic lamps which illuminates our earth, the sun and the moon, can influence your livelihood.

Some find that they can’t sleep whenever there’s a full moon, as it emits too much energy, which ramps them up and then they go through epic mythopoetic cycles of emotional awareness. This also occurs once spring turns into summer, then autumn into winter.


Your Dreams Become Extremely Vivid
Magical people has at the least developed aetherical bodies. What this refers to is for its source, one or several of their chakras are open and active.

Perhaps you’re the magical person who has a pulsing highly empathic heart chakra, or perhaps it’s your third eye that’s wide open, and you have an easy time to see all of the visionary fluid dances of all things.

At the other end of the developmental spectrum, it’s found that magical people have fully formed aetheric bodies which are able to freely navigate through the astral planes.

When having your aetherical perceptions open, even just a bit, means that you’re able to have vivid memorable dreams, more than others possibly can. This light is what you have going for you.

It’s Pure Psychedelics When You Fall In Love
Forget the fantasy of a jug of wine and a loaf of bread, and thou. Whenever a magical person happens to fall in love, most likely with someone else who’s magical, it appears more like an psychedelic adventure of the mind blown.

Why this occurs is because of the intensity of natural dopamine and oxytocin which rushes towards the magical brains, which tends to produce a lot more than just a sexy cozy attachment.

What they also tend to do is unleash psychic perception, as you can read your partners thoughts for real, and not just “Hey, I was just thinking of you, and I know you were thinking of me, just because I was thinking of you!“

These thoughts encounters with you and your other in the nighttime dream world, ecstatic thoughts which ruptures the very boundaries of your identity, along with all the trimmings.

Take not to be careful at times. It can become sensitive if your partner isn’t as stable or a sane magical person, which is also common. Magical people will fall in love and it’s always like, whoa, really?

You Have An Abundance Of Creativity
You have extreme creative energy, some call it genius. You have soul, that distinct animal magnetism resides within you. It’s energy which transmutes into different tones of feeling, this whenever centered in the different chakras and the different channels in the body.


Even though you may have this extreme energy, your abundant prana doesn’t really feel that way, although it may elevate as spring turns into summer. It may just appear like a sudden urgent feeling to be more creative.

What then happens is that you get captivated with the need of writing that poem, recording that song, planning that ritual, making those magical cookies. It becomes implacable.

Regardless of what you may look like, others can tell that you’re genuine “hot” property, and they mean it because you are. You naturally radiate the light and the heat of the cosmos. You become a shining star, you become mystical.

Spreading The Magic Around
Your primary motivator for creating art, cooking that great food you do, tending to your garden, whatever it may be, isn’t to seek fame or fortune, although that would be a blessing.

If you’re magical, then your biggest motive is to sprinkle the magic around, this because you just can’t stand not doing so. The magic you find is so fun and beautiful, warm and true, you want to share it.

What this can mean is that it can drive you a little towards the “crazy” at times, this whenever you see the magic in someone else, you reach out to them since they’re not able to see it in themselves.

What can make you frustrated is whenever you see the greater good that’s in this world, but the collective world at large appears to not care as much, not appreciate its magic, it can become saddening.

So, you put forth the effort on a daily basis, into doing things which increases the totality of magic, and the wonder, joy, and the love in the world. Have another tainted brownie.

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