Behavior First Impressions Are Often Cured By A Second Look

know how you come across to othersThe majority of people, most likely including yourself don’t have a clue how they come across to others. Most don’t know themselves as well as they think they do.

Your particular behavior, your attitude, how you act around others, the vibe which you give off, sends a distinct message which others can instantly pick up on, but you’re most likely not aware of them.

There’s a common word which describes the majority of us, and that word is “average.” We’ll use variants of this, as we will refer to someone by saying, “Jason is just an average, or a “regular” guy.” Or “Mary’s just your average, everyday type of worker.”

The truth being that we never know what’s boiling underneath the hood with any individual that we meet, and first impressions are usually the only real method of gauging if they’re actually average or not.

Getting inside someone’s head, knowing what they’re thinking, or trying to understand them is too difficult, this since we really don’t know who we are, ourselves.

This because what the majority of people do is live their own lives of quiet desperation. What we all do is struggle with who we really are, what makes us tick, how we fit in with others and with society, battle what our particular issues are.

There are a lot of dimensional elements, factors when it comes to how successful or effective we are at work or with our friends. When it comes to our careers, being “average” essentially becomes meaningless.

Who Are You – Assessing Yourself
Who you are becomes a key point and important to know. This because we’re always being assessed, judged by others, while we also constantly assess them.

So the sooner that you begin realizing what the invisible signals that you’re giving off are, the behavior that you send off, the quicker that you’ll learn to recognize these vibes in yourself and others.

Once you begin recognizing these invisible messages, the more successful that you’ll be when it comes to advancing your career, or establishing better relationships. So the theory that success is all about knowledge and experience is not entirely true.

For all of the future business leaders and executives who wants to make a difference, be the best, what will set them apart from the ordinary, being average, is how they control and project their behavior.

The Art Of Reading People
Some have a very good talent of assessing people, usually instantaneously, the moment that they meet someone. These highly accomplished people have a knack for it.

What the rest of us will generally do is just lump whomever we meet into two distinct categories: those that you like and will keep, and those you don’t like and will ignore.

If you happen to like someone, the keepers, we welcome them, help them as much as possible, nurture them. If we don’t like someone, then we don’t want anything to do with them, we’ll just avoid them, write them off.

So to decide if you want to “keep” someone or cut them loose, it comes down to their behavior, those invisible cues which they initially give off, their aura.

So individuals such as business executives are usually trained to look for certain behavior traits in people, the instance that they meet them, to determine whether their keepers or not.

The Behaviors Of Those You Like And Keep
Once you initially meet someone for the first time, you first notice there’s that fire, that spark, which burns in their belly, you see and feel that desire in their eyes.


They display that competitive spirit at all times. They display or speak of courage to take a risk, expresses their thoughts concisely, will cut directly to the chase.

The, “I will do whatever I need to, to get what I want,” mentality. Willing to take direction and anything you ask without question or doubt. A “How can I help you,” attitude.

They’ll display an extremely strong work ethic, be a smart efficient multi-tasker, goal orientated and disciplined. They make things happen, make commitments or promises, and will then fulfill them.

They are enterprising, immediately decisive, a problem solver, and displays extreme passion regarding their work. They are humble without a trace of ego, and has developed a fine sense of humor.

Those Who You Don’t Like
They come across as an arrogant know it all, yet they’ll become instantly rattled once they’re confronted or challenged. They display entitlement, are non-committal, and will give off an “It’s all about me” attitude.

They also stay and play safe, don’t like taking risks. They’re boastful of any small accomplishment, while being annoying about it. They will make a boatload of promises which goes unfulfilled.

They have a trait of making excuses, and will easily point fingers and deflect blame. They’ll usually come across as flaky, insubordinate, always needs to be right, don’t like to be told what to do.

They’re not willing to go that extra mile, do more than they’re asked, will constantly fail to meet commitments, or seldom listen to whatever they’re asked to do. They come across as egotistical, rude, and arrogant.

So How “Average” Are You
The majority of people have no clue and are unaware of the vibes which they send off to others. To them, they think that they’re just being “normal,” themselves.

Know that when you meet someone for the first time, someone who happens to interview you, review your profile, or do business with you, you’re not that normal to them.

You’ve either got the exact behavioral traits that they’re looking for, have what it takes, or you don’t, and you have no idea why. You’re either liked by them, or you’re instantly dismissed.

So it becomes important to know which exact vibes that you’re giving off. If you don’t want or bother to find out what they are, well, that’s average as well. But what you need to do is face your fears, and then do it anyways.

But if you really think that you know who you are, think you know how you project yourself to others, and think that there’s no need to find out to improve yourself, then that’s not normal, it’s called denial.

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