Becoming The Chief Directive Of Your Life You Are The Boss

how we can control our own lifeWhen at first glance, it would appear that Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and the positive thinking movement has nothing in common. This since those unfortunate with ADD will usually develop negative thinking patterns for any situation.

The reason being that they’ll get easily frustrated by their particular challenges, the frequent feelings of inadequacy and being overwhelmed. These negative feelings then makes it more difficult for them to manage their life effectively moving forward.

The practice of positive thinking allows those with ADD to better focus on their strengths and accomplishments, which then contributes to their overall motivation and happiness.

This, in turn, allows them to spend more of their time making forward progress, and less time and energy feeling down and out, feeling that they’re stuck in a rut.

The following tips are provided for anyone that needs or can benefit from making a positive mindshift, which can then propel them to making better decisions in their lives.

Begin By Taking Better Care Of Yourself
This an obvious step but at times can be a difficult process to adopt. It becomes a lot easier to be more positive once you begin eating better, start exercising, and getting adequate rest.

Reminding Yourself To Be Grateful
All of the stress and challenges in life doesn’t appear as bad once you begin to constantly remind yourself of all the things which are currently right in life.

So just take a minute, 60 seconds of your time on a daily basis to just stop and then appreciate all of the good things, the wins, as doing so will make a big difference. Just be grateful.

Look For Valid Proof Instead Of Making Assumptions
That fear of not being liked or accepted by others at times can lead us to assume that we know exactly what others are thinking of us. Know that these “fears” are your own reality only.

If you’re feeling fear that a friend, a family member, or a relative’s poor attitude or bad mood is because of something that you did, or said, or that your co-workers are gossiping behind your back about you, just speak up and then ask them directly if they are. Be blunt about it.

Don’t bother wasting your time worrying about what you did or said was wrong, unless you have valid proof that there’s something you should be actually worried about.

Refraining Yourself from Using Absolutes
Have you ever told someone, perhaps a partner, “You are always late!” or you’ve complained to a friend “Why don’t you never call me?” You’re constantly thinking as well as speaking in absolute terms, using words such as “never” and “always.”

What doing so does is the makes the situation appear worse than it actually is, which also programs your mind into believing that there’s certain people who are incapable of delivering.

Detaching Yourself From All Negative Thoughts
Don’t allow your thoughts to hold any power over you, this especially if you don’t bother to judge what you think. So whenever you notice that you’re having any type of negative thought, just detach yourself from it, witness it, but never listen or follow it.

Your automatic negative thoughts. These are the bad thoughts which are usually reactionary, such as “Why are those people laughing, they must surely be talking about me,” or “My boss wants to see me, what did I do wrong now?”

Whenever you notice these autonomic negative thoughts, just realize that they’re just natural, so don’t bother listening to them, rather ignore or get rid of them.

Practice The Love, Touch, And Feel
No one needs to tell you the benefits of a good genuine hug. Having any type of positive physical contact with our friends, family, or loved ones, even our pets, acts an instant pick me up.


A recent study on this had a waitress who constantly touched her customers either on the shoulder or arm as she handed them their bill. She consistently received higher tips from these customers, than from those who she didn’t bother to touch.

Increasing Your Social Activity
No, not on social media, but once you begin increasing your social activity in real life, what you decrease is the feeling of alienation. Make sure that you surround yourself with healthy, like minded happy people, and their proactive positive energy will rub off on you.

Volunteer Your Time By Helping Others
Everyone feels a lot better once they help others. You can decide to volunteer your time, donate money to a good cause, or offer your resources. The more positive energy that you project into the world, the more that will come back to you.

Using Pattern Interrupts To Stop Compulsions
Once you find yourself ruminating, how you can stop this is by just interrupting the pattern, which forces you to do something that’s completely different.

This compulsive thinking is similar to focusing on something that’s completely negative or insecure. It’s never productive since doing so is never rational or solution oriented, but just unnecessary which creates excessive worry.

Begin by changing your immediate physical environment, choose to go for a run, walk, or just sit outside. You can also change your thought patterns by calling a friend, reading a book, or listening to music.

Always Be Doing Your Best
Whenever it comes to the corporate world, usually a preset protocol, a system of doing things, is what dictates. Knowing what needs do be done is the basics for productivity, as having a stable process activates the cycle.

There are some who appear to work well under pressure, but is uncommon since we as humans are imperfect. Allowing stress to get under our skin only accelerates the issues. At times, it takes courage for us just to admit that we’re not doing our best.

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