Avoid The Poor Attitude Choices Which Will Set Your Life Back

it is your life so just liveWhat we all want is to live a clear clean crisp life with no regrets. A transparent slate as the decades and the memories pile up as we enter our twilight. What we also don’t want is endlessly waiting until tomorrow, hoping that’s the day things will get better.

The problem is we think that there’s more time than there actually is. Then one day, we’ll wake up realizing we no longer can’t do the things that we’ve wanted to do. We’ll then begin listing the goals that we’ve achieved, while dwelling on the excuses on an unfulfilled life.

Never settle for anything less than what you deserve. Be strong, be confident and just let go. We wise enough to wait for what you deserve. Most often, what we’ll do is accept the first thing that’s on our plate, getting knocked down a few pegs in the process. You can always do better.

Your eyes needs to be flushed out by your tears to get better vision. This so you can see all the possibilities, the opportunities that’s in front of you. Never settle on first offerings or first impulses.

Pretending To Be Someone Else
If you continue to wear masks to please others, then one day you’ll wake up with nothing behind it. This since all you do is spend your life living up to what everyone thinks you should be. Then you lose track of who you really are.

Never fear the judgment of others, who cares what they think. You know who you are, the true you. You don’t need to be perfect or attempt to impress or inspire anyone. Inspire them by how you live life on your own terms with all your imperfections.

Avoiding To Grow And Adapt
If you’re wanting to know your past, then look at your present living conditions. If you’re wanting to know your future, then look at your present attitude and actions.

To change, you need to let go of the old, the past, who you don’t want to be, to make room, more space for a new life. The old way of living is long gone so don’t allow it to hang around.

First, you need to acknowledge that you need to change, get better, and then take the steps to address it, then you’ll position yourself to become more successful.

Living The Dreams Of Someone Else
The biggest challenge in life is to find who you are. The next challenge is finding peace with it. The biggest part is your decision to remain true to yourself, your goals and your dreams.

There will always be those who’ll disagree with your life choices. If so, then good. That means you’re standing up for yourself and paving your own path. At times, it may appear crazy, enigmatic, weird by others, but then who cares.

Once you catch yourself losing track of time, just for the sheer joy and the excitement of whatever you’re doing, then that’s when you’ll know you found yourself, you’re doing the right thing.

Giving Up When The Going Gets Tough
Realize there are no failures in life, just results. Even if events don’t unfold the way that you expected them to, never lose hope, get disheartened or give up. Learn the lesson and then move on.

Those who continues to acknowledge their failures and battles through them, wins at the end. The fight is won long before the victory. It’s taking baby steps, making decisions while gradually building on the failures, which ultimately leads to triumph.

The Negativity Around You
Never allow the bad attitudes of others to fester on you, never allow them to influence you. Never become a victim that they can prey on. Realize that being around or keeping the company of those who are negative is your choice. You’re not obliged, so free yourself.

Instead, choose to be around those who are compassionate rather than angry or spiteful. Find those who are generous rather than greedy, patient instead of being anxious.

Don’t Be Such A Flake
Realize that the world owes you nothing, but rather you owe the world your life. So get off your high horse, stop daydreaming, don’t sulk and do something with your life by taking action.


Grow a set of balls, a backbone and not a wishbone. Take complete responsibility of your life, this by taking control. Know that you’re important, you’re wanted and your contribution is needed.

It will become too late if you decide to sit around and wait, to wait for somebody to do something for you someday. Someday isn’t the eighth day of it week, it doesn’t exist. So get off your butt, lose your ego, and do something.

Avoid Micromanaging Everything
Life needs to be delicately touched, graced, and not strangled. So relax, don’t be such a control freak, and just allow life to unfold without worrying incessantly while micromanaging everything, it’s annoying.

Instead, learn to let go and not squeeze on so tight. Settle down and take a long deep breath. Once you see the dust settle, then take action, take the next best step going forward.

You don’t need to know where you’re going to get somewhere that’s great. Everything in life happens for a reason, in perfect order, this regardless if you don’t understand or don’t interfere, so just relax.

Always Be Grateful
You will be remembered more by leading a life that’s filled with doing loving deeds, while having good character and a shining attitude. Those who you happened to inspire and shared your love with, will remember you long after you’re gone.

Carve your name, exude your joy, passion, and love on hearts, and don’t etch hate on stone. What you’ve done to yourself while you were alone will die with you, while what you’ve done for others will live on forever.

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