Become A Master Negotiator The Art Of Closing The Deal

howtonegtiateadealWhat anyone anywhere, any deal regardless of its size, scope, or nature wants is some type of a resolution, it needs to be closed, a done deal shut.

The most ideal is it to be an equatable win-win solution, where both parties walk away from the table satisfied. But the reality and problem is that this middle ground, this gap is usually wide spread.

The majority of these businesses or individuals when it comes to their dealings are too competitive and become bullheaded, their ego gets in the way, and …

Turning Grapes Into Wine Everything You Ever Needed To Know

the different varieties of red winesWine is pretty much a generalized term which refers to the fermentation of different colored grapes, this for the purpose of producing a usually tasty alcoholic beverage which accompanies and blends your meal.

Although it’s thought that red or white grapes are the base for making wine, there are other sources such as rice (sake), barley, and a variety of other fruits like cherry, elderberry, or grapefruit, etc.

But the most popular remains grapes. The majority of casual drinkers also don’t bother paying much attention to the different varieties or …

How To Relax Your Beating Heart By Going With The Flow

how to get into the flow by listening to Vivaldi for exampleThis slowing down of time is known as the flow state, that state of mind, that mental zone which is naturally experienced where the illusion of time and space appears to come to a standstill, a key when it comes to peak performance.

This equates to the ability of being able to harness the limits of one’s creativity, intelligence, and talents, all this while captivating and remaining in this state of flow under times of stress.

For instance, this flow is needed for those who need to produce or perform …

How To Get Your Latest Greatest Video To Go Mainstream Viral

how my video went viralThe most unsuspecting of these videos do, there are certain videos posted by unknown individuals that just catches fire, and they go absolutely bonkers viral, and at times for no reason.

The majority of these videos, however, are usually captured and calculated in design, while some posted are just pure fluke when they get millions of views.

The basic elements of a highly successful video which goes online are done so, by just tapping into a few fundamental principles of human emotion.

When you’re creating your own videos, you can …

The Key Secret Of A Longer Life Is Giving All Of Your Love

how to be happier when you're olderThey proclaim that there is a fountain of youth, really, and that there are ways on how too can feel more vibrant and chipper once you grow older.

You could do it, you can pump up your stamina, look and feel younger, get rid of those saggy wrinkles, and it’s easier than you think.

Those are the words which are continuously being streamed by the countless health gurus and medical experts who are pushing their latest and greatest miracle “look younger” solution.

The creams to magically firm up loose flab, …