Take The Quiz How Innovative Do You Consider Yourself To Be

how innovative do you consider yourself to beThose are the special individuals among us who are the innovators in life, who are a step ahead of the curve, the general public, their peers and their competition. This gift however is something that’s difficult to gauge.

As with any thing else when it comes to competence, our own self views will rarely align the same with others opinion of us. This primarily because we generally think that we’re actually more creative, or smarter than we actually are.

It rarely amounts to anything once we need to rely on …

Consumer Alert Know How Your Virtual Spending Is Tracked

how retailers take advantage of smartcardsEveryone enjoys shopping, buying something, anything, and it’s always a lot easier when charging it, using virtual payment such as credit cards, debit cards, or smart cards.

Paying with a piece of plastic hasn’t been more convenient, this as proven by the retailing and gaming industry, while the only payment option that’s offered online remains virtual.

When it comes to the gaming industry, a small round piece of ceramic chip represents cash, and can easily be worth $100 or more. Losing this chip playing a game of chance doesn’t take …

The One Thing That Some People Lack Is High Self-Esteem

why some have lower self esteemWhat we’re all wanting is to feel better about ourselves, but for some of us, the way that we attempt to do so is completely wrong. We continuously go down the same wrong path which won’t produce any positive self-esteem which is productive.

How we all develop our self esteem, regardless of where it’s at, is we’ll usually resort back to our feelings as a child within. Regardless of how much we’re able to achieve in life, the wins, successes and losses, what remains is that empty hollow feeling.

You’re …

The New Improved Method Of Becoming Happy Within Seconds

howtobehappierinlessthanaminuteThat place, that destination called happiness is somewhere that offers you a sense of contentment and peace. It’s that sense of justice that everyone’s searching for, so why then does it appear so difficult to find and remain.

Does it take extraordinary circumstances, the stars aligning, magical mystical effort to achieve this peace. It surely must take years of meditation or therapy, or some type of intense mind training.

Some claim that all it takes is just a couple of seconds, less than a minute of applying this technique just …

How To Set Up An Online Business And Never Talk To Anyone

having your own business onlineImagine if you could seamlessly operate a hands-free online business where you never need to talk to anyone again, ever. The money then just rolls in, on autopilot, making for a smooth trouble free life, sounds enticing.

Most who hear about this wonder if it’s even possible, those who claim that they make money while they’re sleeping.

Their own self generating “hands-free” business, working part-time hours while earning a full time income, completely stress free.

The reason these visions are formulated and are made possible is because of the current …