Attract The Woman Of Your Dreams And Make Them Fall For You

drinking wine aloneAs superficial as it may sound, what women will do is initially judge you on how you look, your physical appearance. So if you’re not exactly that good looking, then what you need is a secondary plan, which is to be refined verbally. To have a firm grasp of the art of the speak.

What women have is a filter, this to instantly dismiss or be attracted to you, simply on how you look physically. What they ideally look for is the traditional tall, dark, and handsome, a big bank account, all bundled with a big package. This is the natural instinct, and then they’ll work down their checklist from there.

What they also want is someone who can fill their emotional vacuum, that their man is able to provide them with emotional stimuli. What most guys don’t want, however, is a woman who’ll judge them based on just one criteria.

This being looks, this when she’s patiently sitting there on a Friday night nursing her glass of wine. If that fails, the other notable is how you can stimulate her emotions. How you talk to her.

To Appear Confident
To exude confidence, appear cool, fun, along with activating other emotions. You need to instantly convey all these personality traits simultaneously, this in the first seven seconds to make an impression.

This can range from parading in a wild trendy hip wardrobe, which displays your style, showing that you’re spontaneous and unconventional. Also have a verbal game to display your wit, to show the girl that you’re capable of pushing all her emotional buttons.

Be Heard
If you can’t be heard vocally, if you can’t project your voice over all the noise, then you can’t sound confident and convey your personality. If she can’t hear you, then she’ll just judge you on your looks.


The Ability To Tell Stories
How women communicate and respond best to is storytelling. So don’t recite mundane facts or ask inane questions, or tell them about your boring job, or lie to her.

Instead, be funny, keep them captivated and excited, be vulnerable, be in the moment, role play, project the future, sing karaoke.

The Art Of Touch
Women are affected by touch. You know that you’re affecting them emotionally by they touching you. This can go both ways, so lightly touch her arm without apprehension.

Touch her when it’s appropriate, lightly caress her, have a slow dance at the next opportunity. What women enjoy is your touch.

State Of Arousal
Raise a woman’s state of arousal, this on her own will. Work diligently towards raising this state, this without she realizing it, which conveys that you’re game, that you’re aroused as well. You’re telling her you want her, and that she wants you.

Raise The Energy Level
What you need is to be capable of exuding and transferring your energy to them and others. You need to prove that you enjoy the process of partying, networking, socializing, this with total strangers while giving it your all.

Get In Her Physical Space
Physical space is overrated. When the time is right, invade her personal space by getting close to her, and then force her to look directly at you.

Otherwise, if you’re indifferent, then you’ll make her feel insecure in her ability to attract you, this because you’re giving her too much physical space.

Always Be Interacting
This when you have a set routine. If you’re just constantly reciting the same spiel over again, she’ll then begin to feel you’re less invested in the moment, or in her. You need to pull her in during these times, and interact with her.

Controlling The Frame
What you need is to control the environment. She needs to accept how you treat her. She’ll then be pulled into your reality and will concentrate completely on you. You can’t allow her to control the frame, otherwise, there’s no emotional connection.


Qualify Her
What you need is to accurately qualify her, this in order to create and maintain an emotional connection. Otherwise, you’ll come across as flaky, a player, someone who just asks for her number and leaves.

This leaves her feeling used, cold and impersonal. So you need to state what you like about her, such as “You’re beautiful and I’d like to know you better.”

Use Body Language
What your body language does is communicates subconsciously what your current life status is. If you look uncomfortable in a social setting, then your value, your overall personality is nonexistent.

If you look and act comfortable in your own skin, have a good time, then your value accelerates. This includes the way that you come across, how you calmly interact with others, how you react to others touching you, how you dance.

Play The Game
If you’re not that good looking, then your only recourse is to have a refined verbal game. Being broody, moody, mysterious, the dark silent sexy type, only works for those who are naturally good looking, and they can get away with anything. They’re the one’s being chased.

Most men are average looking, so the deficits need to be filled in with better verbal talk. You need to convey your personality, this for the woman to find you attractive, this beyond how you physically look.

You can be or think that you’re the most exciting, daring, adventurous, sensitive, intellectual, guy in the room, but if you’re not able to convey it, then you’ll remain on the sidelines.

What you need is to work on your verbal game and then deploy it effectively, this by influencing her emotionally. Otherwise, all you’re hoping for is that she’ll magically see something amazing about you, based just on her observation.