Are The Steps To True Success Obtainable Or Sustainable

obtaining successIs your success dependent on it being obtainable or sustainable. We can all create moments of success by obtaining the things which causes us to feel better in the short term. True success however, comes from a deep sense of fulfillment that’s sustainable.

The desire to constantly improve one’s life is a fundamental need. The feeling that comes from knowing that everyday, we’re getting better, is part of our nature. Knowing that we’re improving our own environment becomes extremely satisfying.

It’s one of the key ingredients of living a happy and fulfilled life. At some level we’re all pursuing success of some sort. We are constantly looking for ways to get more, to be more, to gain more, believing that once we “have it all,” we’ll then be happy and life will be perfect.

Those Who Have It All
This mindset can become like a virus and set you back. If not emotionally then certainly spiritually. Our modern culture is filled with numerous examples of top achievers, who seemingly have everything, but they’re deeply unsatisfied and constantly having to battle with the challenges within their own character. They fail to grasp what the true purpose of success is.

From it’s Latin origin, what the word success means is “to advance” or “to progress,” which implies that success isn’t something you get at the end as a reward, but it’s a process which has little to do with the end result.

From this viewpoint, gaining success is what will improve your life as it’s what propels you forward to a better experience in life.

Why Choose To Be Successful
In the pursuit of a greater quality of life, what most lose sight of is the real reason why they want to be successful. It’s never the things they want, but rather the way they believe these things will make them feel better once they’ve got them.

Your success is either obtainable or sustainable. Most of your desires are obtainable within your lifetime, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll be happy or fulfilled.

When you strive for accumulating material possessions, you’ll then experience very little fulfillment, as you’ll always rely on something that’s external to give you the feelings that you want to experience. Feelings you think will come to you from getting what you pursue.

To Have Goals
The real purpose of any goal is to never obtain something of material value, but it’s rather the qualities that you’ll gain as a person in your pursuit of that goal.

For you to experience success that’s sustainable, you need to develop a new mindset, one which focuses not on what you need to do to get whatever it is you want, but rather on what you need to become to attract what you want.

What you then become is what you get to keep. When you shift your focus towards developing your character, then you can begin to use success as a means to an end, this instead of it being the end all or be all.

You then begin to distance yourself from the need to have material things, this in order to feel that sense of joy and fulfillment.

Experiencing True Success
Knowing that you can be successful is never enough. You want to also experience that success. That feeling of success as a part of who you are, as part of your character.

When your success is obtainable, when you collect things, then your experience of success doesn’t last very long. There’s no consistency or satisfaction in the experience.

We often see amazing success stories of young achievers who achieves their goals in a short period of time, only to suddenly break down emotionally soon after.

The reason being that they haven’t learned the keys of everlasting success, which is the ability to be able to create success in their lives that’s sustainable.


Sustainable success is inexhaustible. It’s consistent and is able to take care of itself. With the qualities that you’ve learned through the experience of pursuing your goals, you’re then able to recreate any achievement as you’re the source.

To Get Everlasting Success
You either obtain success or you become it. The objective is similar but the mindset is different. You can get the “things” that will make you feel successful, or you can become the source of your own success.

You want lasting results and this only comes from your ability to create and then recreate it on demand, this on things that you want to experience during your time on this earth.

Adopting the mentality of creating everlasting success, of becoming sustainable, begins with realizing that true success comes from giving more than getting.

Ultimately, to sustain anything you need to give and receive for this is the very nature of growth and life itself. Success is a feeling, and in making that feeling a part of who you are. You’ll then never be without success, and you’ll never be left wanting anything outside of yourself.

Success Comes From Within
Let go of your need to obtain tangible “things” and focus more on the experience of life as well as the emotional content of your life. Improve yourself by pursuing the goals which will make of you the type of person that manifests.

Realize what you obtain will eventually disappear or lose its value. That what you sustain will grow, expand and then continue to increase the quality of your life. Obtainable success is completely static and like anything else in nature, what doesn’t grow will perish.

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