A Review And Introduction Using “Facebook Platform” To Market Your Business

Facebook has suddenly snuck up and is now the sixth most popular website in terms of traffic in North America. It currently has well over 35 million members and is gaining approximately 1 million new members per week and more than 100,000 new users per day. More than 60 percent of its registered users are within the 20 to 35 year old college or university educated demographic, as the origin of Facebook was intended for group activity and communication amongst post secondary institutions. Facebook is predicted by the end of 2007, to have more than 50 million users of educated, responsive members. It is like a place where Myspacers go once they retire.

So with no doubt, SEO marketers are clamoring to this ideal marketing opportunity, eager to market their service or product, hopefully free of cost! Well good news, Mark Zuckerberg one of the founders of Facebook, encourages marketing on Facebook as he has stated “You can build a real advertising business on Facebook and you do not have to run conventional ads or forms of PPC…” How you ask?

Take Advantage Of The “Facebook Platform”
Facebook recently has added a new feature called the “Facebook Platform”. This will allow third party companies to create their own applications and import their product or service directly inside Facebook, even if those services are in direct competition with Facebook’s own marketing efforts. The Facebook Platform has recently added a variety of high profile partners, amongst the most prominent are: Amazon, Microsoft and eBay.

So Why Is Facebook’s Third-Party Invitation Relevant To Internet Marketing?

The most important is that direct advertising is no longer the only way to reach potential Facebook users. SEO companies, organizations and internet marketers can now build applications that Facebook users can find useful. If members like the application (sort of like widgets) you develop, they will promote and share it with other Facebook members and friends via the social networking route. This becomes instantly viral as most purchases are made based on “word of mouth” recommendations.

Facebook even allows their developer partners to include their own ads in the applications they create and does not require a royalty fee from the revenue they derive. EBay as an example has launched a Facebook application that allows you to search any keyword and will return thumbnails of items for sale on eBay based on your request. This “Facebook Platform” invitation is not restricted to large companies to create and use applications. It is open to any internet marketing company or website owner with a product wishing to take advantage of this opportunity.

There once was a time when promoting your product required a website and conventional internet marketing methods such as PPC, emailing and Search Engine Optimization to get your product recognized. Its now clear that every online marketer and business has another viable option by creating social networking applications to promote their business. In the very near future, these social network applications will become as common as having a website.

The Facebook Platform Team Discusses The “Best Potential Applications” Video


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