A New Updated List Of Superfoods For Improved Superior Health

sushi as a health foodIt becomes extremely difficult to know what types of food to eat because of the conflicting media reports, the latest crash diet fads, all of the quick and easy fixes, all which provides complex nutritional information that claims to work for improving ones diet and health.

So through all this how do you know, how do you decide, how do you keep up with all of the current solutions if they actually work or not. How do you eliminate all of the misinformation and just feed on the foods that your body will thrive on.

What’s decided by the majority of dietitians, for the most sensible of solutions, they recommend consuming just those foods that don’t have a massive list of ingredients, most being additives and preservatives to extend their shelf life.

This is also agreed upon by most health practitioners who study plant life nutrition. It’s found that the best possible foods you can put in your body are those that don’t come in packages, frozen, or have an expiry date.

Just consume foods which are natural and haven’t been processed or treated somehow, this regardless if you enjoy eating meat for protein, or if you’re a strict vegetarian or a vegan.

The Theory Of Single Ingredients
So regardless if you love the juicy taste of a tender steak, or you just exist eating a plateful of sushi, purchasing more wholesome single ingredient and plant based foods are the key, and are the first steps to improving your health.

Once you get into the routine of eating natural singular foods which our bodies were designed to absorb, then your health and life will improve as a result, giving you clearer complexion and better bodily function.

You can make your food selection based on fruits and vegetables, from a variety of seeds and nuts, or legumes and grains, all which are all usually available fresh from the local market.

You can begin experimenting with the various textures and flavors to decide what you enjoy the most. You’ll begin to find that eating simple, plant origin foods can be limitless, and not be limiting.

Eating Food From The Ground
Most believe that any type of food which comes from the ground, preferably organic, and edible benefits your health some how, so set your sights on your favorite assortment of local fruits and vegetables.

What’s listed are a select group of what’s considered superfoods, which are capable of adding vitality, energy, and power into your daily life.

A List Of Super Foods
More Collard Greens – These particular group of greens continuously ranks on the top of the charts when it comes to their high natural soluble vitamin content.

They include large amounts of vitamins A, C, and K, along with calcium. You can use these in place of wraps when making sandwiches, or chop them up and toss them in a quick nourishing stir-fry.

Lots Of Legumes – The group of recommended legumes include various beans, lentils and peas, which are all known to boost your health because of their impressive nutritional profile.

Just one cup of any of these legumes, you’ll be ingesting anywhere up to 15 to 30 grams of protein, along with natural vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Also, these plant proteins are a lot more easier to digest while being more affordable than animal protein.

Try Coconut Oil – What our bodies enjoy is using coconut oil for energy production, this instead of storing it as fat like most oils, so it’s perfect for cooking.

Coconut oil is known to be anti-inflammatory, while having anti-microbial properties which makes it a true superpower food. It’s also found to be excellent for diaper rash, along with being an effective conditioner and moisturizer, as it has a variety of uses.


Eating Sea Based Vegetables – Which are more commonly referred to as seaweed, are actually veggies of the sea. Most of the varieties are considered superior because of their excellent nutritional density.

Some are found to contain ten times the amount of calcium when compared to cow’s milk, the reason why they’re considered the oceans complete natural protein source. The most popular and nutritious varieties include: dulse, kelp, kombu, arame, and agar–agar.

Nutritional Yeast – The taste of this particular yellow yeast has a distinct nutty cheese flavor. This is a type of inactive yeast which is one of the only known food sources of vitamin B12, which is non-animal based.

What nutritional yeast offers is a complete spectrum of essential amino acids, along with a balanced source of all the B vitamins, and up to 7 grams of proteins based on just two tablespoons.

Consuming Cacao Beans – They’re at their nutritional best when in their raw whole natural bean form. What they’re capable of providing is an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and essential antioxidants. These beans are also found to be an excellent source of magnesium and iron.

They can easily be tossed into your favorite smoothies for adding extra taste and a powerful nutritional boost. It’s known that just one ounce of cacao beans contain 300% percent of the daily requirement of iron, along with four grams of protein.

Going Nuts For Dates – No, not that type of date, but the eating variety of dates. Once consumed, they’re known to assimilate immediately into energy by the body. They also provide the ideal amount of simple sugar, allowing you to perform physical activity longer.

This the reason why they’re considered the perfect base for making healthy energy bars, along with nondairy ice cream. What they also contain are loads of natural vitamins, minerals, and fiber, making them a true superfood.

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