A Natural Body Detox By Substituting Real Food Instead Of Vices

relaxing and becoming happyYou wonder is why your body feels heavy and sluggish, tired, while also unmotivated and lazy to move around. Yet, you feel healthy overall without the burden of the common cold. You’re wanting and willing to be energetic, but your body just refuses to cooperate.

This usually occurs after hectic periods such as the holidays or an extended vacation, where maintaining your diet becomes secondary. To address this, what you instinctively resort to is eating more, or gulping down cups of coffee to pump up your energy.

Temporarily, this can be an easy fix while you’ll feel motivated and it gets your body moving. Unknowingly, what you’re doing is accumulating unwanted toxins in your body, and this is occurring more often in our lives, so what you need to do is naturally detoxify.

Giving Your Body A Break
With the ever changing constantly evolving world that we live in which appears to be speeding up, it forces our bodies to become more active, this so we can adapt quicker.

As a result, what we’ll resort to are stimulants for our minds and body such as coffee, cigarettes, instant diet pills, thinking that they’ll help in keeping the body to stay alert, unknowing realizing it’s headed for a burnout.

What these vices will do is offer a temporary burst of energy, which eventually results in a loss of energy, which often develops into emotional symptoms such as headaches, moodiness, and becoming sick. They’re considered toxins to the body.

Toxin Buildup In Our Bodies
What exactly are toxins. Toxins are unnatural agents which can cause the body harm. There are two different types of known toxins, internal, and endogenous or external toxins.


The exogenous toxins enter the body from outside sources, usually from the polluted environmental such as car fumes, drugs, secondary tobacco smoke, factory smoke. What we breathe in or what our pores absorb.

Then there are the internal toxins which are developed from the body’s own viral or bacterial infection. Based on our level of metabolism, what the body creates is its own toxins which are known as autogenous toxins.

The Detoxification Process
All of these harmful substances then builds up in our bodies, which can be eliminated by a process that’s known as detoxification. What detoxification eliminates are the accumulated toxins from the bowel, the liver, blood, and kidneys. What’s also removed are the buildup of toxic substances which become stored in the fat cells, where their primary function is to cure disease.

The most efficient and perhaps easiest way of detoxifying the body is through a natural diet and not fasting. Detoxifying the body involves changing your diet from a chemical acidic one, to a healthy alkaline one.

Adopting A Natural Detox Diet
The body is actually designed to detoxify itself during the day. The peak of this detoxification process occurs while we sleep. The body is able to eliminate most of the toxins which were acquired from pollution and stimulants during the previous day, but it can become overwhelmed.

So for those who lead forever hectic lives, what’s recommended is that you substitute the various stimulants which you absorb, with natural diet alternatives for stimulating your body healthier.

A common list of the most popular “bad” stimulants which are absorbed includes: refined white sugar, diet pills, coffee, tobacco, processed foods, frozen foods, and fatty red meat such as ground beef.

Refined sugar is known to have a stimulating effect, and the reason why we feel that temporary burst of energy and feel invigorated whenever we drink a cola or eat a doughnut. What we don’t realize are the toxins we’re absorbing.

These substances have an extremely detrimental effect on the toxicity levels in the body. The worst examples of products which contain refined white sugar are grocery store baked goods, soda pop, and ketchup.

White sugar should be considered the number one enemy and it’s advised that you cut down by using natural brown sugars such as cane sugar instead. Natural fruit juices are also known to give the same kick as does refined white sugar.


Sources Of Bad Detox And Their Substitutes
Late night workers and early morning risers will resort to drinking coffee excessively to wake up or to stay awake. A natural substitute to coffee which also has a detoxifying effect is green tea.

What certain green tea’s can usually give is the same type of kick that coffee does because it also contains caffeine, but not usually the unneeded substances which harms the body or irritates the stomach.

The various diet pills are also stimulants for the body which are convenient. They’re known to be taken by athletes before their competition because of the instant burst of energy they provide.

These diet pills are being taken albeit the toxic effects that they have on the body. Instead, it’s recommended that these fitness buffs consume natural fruits such as bananas instead, this because of their detoxifying effects.

For cigarette smokers, beyond the nicotine addiction, they think that smoking stimulates their brain to think better, to be more sharp, while not taking into account the long term health dangers. Instead, some recommend eating carrots which are thought to have the same effect.

Fatty red meat lovers will usually feel better because of the protein kick that they get. But it’s thought that eating fish can be just as beneficial while also offering the essential fatty acids.

There are natural ways to go on a daily detox without needing to shut the body down completely. Once we begin to substitute eating various fruits and vegetables instead of the usual vices, they’ll usually give us the same energy boost, while keeping us fit and healthy.

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