A Comparison Of The Two Most Popular Beverages In The World

why drinking water is essential to your healthThese are two of the most popular beverages in the world not named coffee, which are consumed and enjoyed by almost everyone. They’re also most likely your favorites which you consume on a daily basis, one being the absolute elixir of life, while the other serves as pure refreshment.

So this is a study of contrasts on two very different drinks, the first being pure crisp clean clear essential water, something that’s usually free and in abundance in most industrialized countries.

What’s explained is how these two drinks will immediately effect the health of your body. Explained is why you need to drink more water, and the other beverage is, well, it’s brown, carbonated, and bubbly.

Drinking More Clear Crisp Clean Water
• There are an estimated 73% percent of North Americans who are chronically dehydrated, lacking enough water in their bodies. For close to 40% percent of them, the thirst mechanism indicator is so weak that being thirsty is often mistaken for hunger, which results in overeating and obesity

• It’s thought that just a hint of mild dehydration is capable of slowing down one’s rate of metabolism as much as 30% percent

• Drinking just one glass of water before going to sleep and shutting the body down for the night, will reduce the common hunger pangs during the night. Waking up and having a snack is one of the most common and chronic issues for dieters, thus gaining weight, as studied by researchers

• The lack of water in the body is the number #1 and foremost trigger of those who experience daytime fatigue, and that awful lethargic feeling in the afternoon


• There’s research which supports that drinking the prescribe 8 to 10 glasses of water a day could significantly reduce joint pain in the knee, as well as back pain for close to 80% of chronic arthritic sufferers

• Just a measurement of a 2% percent drop in one’s body water can potentially trigger short-term memory, causing temporary confusion, resulting in issues such as trouble with basic math problems, and difficulty when focusing on the computer screen, watching TV, or reading a book or newspaper

• Drinking just 5 glasses of water on a daily basis is thought to decrease the risk of certain illnesses such as colon cancer by up to 45% percent, while reducing the risk of breast cancer in women by 73%, and developing bladder cancer by up to 50% percent

So the short answer is to drink the recommended dosage of water on a daily basis.

Beverage #2
Beverage #2 is that sweet tasting brown bubbly carbonated beverage which is enjoyed by many on a daily basis. So you need to know the properties and the damaging effects of this soda pop.

• In the majority of the cities in North America, the highway patrolmen and policemen will now routinely carry up to 2 liters of this beverage, no not for their own consumption, but to remove and dissolve blood from the highway, road, or sidewalk after a car accident or shooting

• You can place a 2lb pot roast or a healthy T-bone steak into a bowl with this beverage, and the meat will usually completely dissolve within 2 to 3 days

• If you’re wanting to clean a toilet bowl, you can pour a can of this beverage directly into the toilet bowl, and then allow the “real thing” to sit for an hour, then flush clean. The citric acid which is found in this drink will effectively remove the stains from vitreous china, similar to any store bought product


• Auto body shops and car washes will routinely use this beverage to effectively remove difficult rust spots off of chrome car bumpers. All that’s required is rubbing the bumper with a piece of tinfoil and this magical compound for a guaranteed shine

• To clean any corrosion buildup from the car battery terminals, mechanics will routinely pour a can of this beverage directly over the terminals, which will bubble away the acid corrosion, and they’ll most likely drink the rest. It’s also known to remove and clear up road haze buildup from your windshield as well

• To loosen difficult rusted out bolts, just soak a bit of this beverage on a piece of cloth and directly apply onto the rusty bolt for several minutes, resulting in easy removal. It’s also capable of dissolving a nail in around 4 days

• To bake a nice tender moist ham, use an entire can of this beverage into the baking pan with the ham wrapped in aluminum foil, and then bake as instructed. 30 minutes before the ham is fully cooked, remove the tin foil, and then allow the drippings to mix with the beverage for a delicious brown gravy

• To remove any grease stains from your clothing, empty an entire can of this beverage directly into the laundry load of other greasy clothes, add detergent, and then run it through the regular cycle. What the beverage will do is loosen up and dissolve the grease stains

For Your Information On Beverage #2
The active ingredient which is in this miracle beverage is phosphoric acid. It’s pH value registers at around 2.8, where the body’s normal recommended pH balance should be 7.41 pH.

What phosphoric acid does is it leaches calcium directly from the bones, and is thought to be a major contributor to the increase of osteoporosis in the elderly.

For a commercial truck to be able to carry the syrup from concentrate of this beverage, the truck is required to use the “Hazardous Material” place cards which are usually reserved for highly corrosive materials.

The distributors of this popular drink has been using this beverage as an engine cleaner for their own trucks, which delivers the product to the store.

If you haven’t guessed already, this popular beverage of choice rhymes with “Joke.” So would you like to have a “joke” and a smile, or have a glass of pure water instead.

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