9 Ways On Becoming The Best Employee You Can Be

3. Learn Do Your Job Well

Even if the job is tedious and tiring, boring or tough manual labor, commit yourself to do the job well. This is what you’re getting paid to do, this regardless if you think you’re overqualified, and just spinning your wheels. Promotions and pay raises are based on your ability, how well you do your job, your aptitude and attitude, loyalty to the company, and your educational background. Just do your job well, and don’t make excuses.

2. Take Constructive Criticism Gracefully

What you’ll constantly receive are valuable ideas, advice, and criticism which aren’t always that nice, this on what others expect from you. What’s exposed are all your weak areas, what you need to work on. It could be a boss or coworker who criticizes you, in a way that stings or makes you upset. Take it with grace, cool down, and discuss it with them without venting. Explain to them what you’re doing, justify your actions, or just do what you’re told.

1. Always Be Professional

It’s business and never personal, it’s not recreation, this unless you’re employed by a fitness club. Coworkers know the difference between someone who’s diligent, and someone who’s lazy, someone who’s a pleasure to work with, or has issues and is a jerk or a drama queen. Dedicate yourself to be as professional as possible, as that’s your duty, that’s what you’re being paid for, so be responsible and representative.