9 Ways To Network In Business And Socially Mingle In Public

3. Keeping Track Of People

Networking is hard work, as we meet a variety of people throughout our lives. So once you meet someone who you want to reconnect with, this either through a business function or a social event, make sure that you get their information, and store it properly for later retrieval.

Make sure that you collect business cards or phone numbers, and store them properly. Write down specific characteristics about that person, this to remind you who they are, or what they look like. Because of modern technology, the tracking of this contact information has become a lot easier. Organization is a task which needs to be perfected.

2. Constantly Make New Contacts

Throughout our lives, we make new friends. These are people who are similar to you, who you want to hang out with socially. This could be from the workplace, the fitness club, anywhere there’s like minded people. Since our jobs are becoming increasingly transient, it becomes important to network with these friends, this to keep the channels of opportunity open.

As we grow older however, it becomes increasingly difficult to make or keep these friends, as we all become hardened and singular in our ways. People move on, and have their own lives to live. So never stop building a strong network of friends, and connect with them socially, just to keep in contact.

1. Keep In Contact With Schoolmates

These are those who you know the best, as you grew up with them. So however old or successful you are in life, your best contacts remain those who you went to school or college with. They’re the lifelong friends that you know on a personal basis, this through thick and thin.

These are people from elementary school, who you shared all the growing pains with while growing up and flourishing into adults, readying yourselves for the real world. Connect and keep in contact with these people. Make sure that you attend all the alumni functions, while meeting them a few times a year over coffee. Keep up with them on Facebook or Linkedin.