9 Ways To Network In Business And Socially Mingle In Public

6. Attend Conferences And Seminars

Make it a point to attend all the important seminars, conferences, and social functions where there’s an opportunity to network. So clear your schedule, and make it a priority to attend these functions. This is where like minded people meet in your industry so go meet them, this to increase your circle of contacts. Make attending these meetings mandatory.

So get out your planner and pencil in all the important functions and events that you need to attend, and don’t waver by cancelling them. Also identify the crowd and the people who you want to meet at these events, and introduce yourself by coming across the best you can.

5. Be Polite And Gracious

A smile with a good attitude goes a long way, as what you’re displaying is your aptitude and personality. When it comes to networking, refining your social skills includes being polite while listening, since mingling is a two way street. The danger becomes, if someone that you want to connect with, doesn’t like you, then that’s a lost opportunity, as first impressions count.

So be as pleasant as possible. If you have no idea what someone’s talking about, or you don’t agree with them, they’re boring or egotistical, or you yourself don’t really like them that much, just hang in there. Just continue to smile and nod, as you’re not in a position to upset them, especially if they’re potential clients or employers.

4. Be Friendly And Open

Since attending business or social events is critical to networking, and meeting new people, you need to be at your best, this to meet and connect with them. It becomes important that you present yourself well, and be likable, as meeting people can be an uncomfortable process for both parties.

To grab their attention, dress for the occasion, develop a gift of the gab, and be charming. What presenting yourself well while showing your personality does, is elevates your qualities, by being someone that others are attracted to, and want to meet. What being personable will do is open doors in business and social situations.