9 Reasons Why There’s Still Hope For The Human Species To Exist

After the Industrial Revolution, the world as we know it began to rapidly change. Over the past century, the outlook of our lovely little green planet remained somewhat predictable. But today, recently, the future of mankind is becoming increasingly hazy and uncertain.

The citizen’s of earth are now becoming increasingly tense, as there’s the scarcity of resources and the constant threat of war, forcing most to think that we’re living on borrowed time.

Some futurist claim that the potential to destroy our civilization, is just a push of the “red” button away. But we remain, prefer to see the future more positively, and allow fate or the act of god to take its course. That the combined strength of mankind, will overcome the world’s current problems.

9. External Human Life

Since there are now numerous ways that the aging process can be slowed down, the theory that human life can be extended, should be considered a reality in the future. Some gerontologists claim that “nano-robots” can be injected in the bloodstream, for the purpose of destroying pathogens.

If this becomes a reality, then the next step implies finding different ways to reverse the aging process. Another hypothesis, that may appear more farfetched to some, is the possibility of transferring the mind into another carrier.

8. Space Travel May Become Common

What the top “rocket” scientists claim, the ones that exist in real life, is that we already have all the necessary technology that’s needed, to travel through space. So the conspiracy theorists shout out, why then aren’t we humans on Mars already?

The biggest issue of space travel, remains the process of protecting the human body from radiation and hazardous gases, that’s found in outer space. Once this issue is solved, then space travel may become common.

7. Mapping Out The Cosmos

What’s been long predicted is now becoming achievable, a reality, and that’s some experts claiming that they’ve mapped out most of the known cosmos, that is outer space. The purpose of doing so is to hopefully predict, any major cosmic events catastrophes that could potentially danger our homely little planet.

Exploring the universe also doesn’t just consist of the mechanics of the cosmos, but it’s also about finding a suitable planet that can potentially host similar life to our own, us humans.

6. The Advancement Of Technology

The personal computer, smartphones, the Internet and Artificial Intelligence, is proof enough that there’s incredible, amazing new technological advancements that can be made, this from just even two decades ago.

Although impossible to predict, what some experts are extremely intrigued by, is the tremendous potential of nanotechnology. The day may come where “nano” can provide answers to serious medical problems, or provide implants to replace organs and tissue in the human body.

5. Living And Coexisting With Robots

Whether we’ll ever encounter other lifeforms beyond the solar system, is still in question. What’s more of a reality however and something we can control, is the very real reality of living among intelligent robots in the near future.

What’s commonly accepted, is that these robots will be more intelligent than us humans, and the only way that we as a species can coexist with them, is by trying to keep up with the pace of technology that we create. The paradigm will eventually shift, by creating such intelligence.

4. Contact With ALF

With the planet Earths limited but ever growing technology, NASA recently sent a space shuttle, unknown to most, that recently left our solar system. What’s been commonly said, is that it’s extremely arrogant for us humans, to think that we’re the only “intelligent” species in the vast universe.

That the real possibility of other lifeforms on other planets exists, that are probably more advanced that us. The conspiracy theorists and skeptics however, will continuously deny and consider it to be complete bunk.

3. Exponential Population Growth

As the population on planet Earth continues to expand, and is now beyond 7 billion inhabitants, for instance – 1 million people only equates to 0.001 billion, that’s a lot of people. So the concern of various analysts and futurists is, that the earth may not eventually be able to support such high numbers of people.

That the natural resources and fresh water supply, may eventually become depleted. On the other hand, there are numerous scientists who are already experimenting with engineered food, which might potentially solve one of the world’s biggest threats, and that’s starvation.


2. Better Environmental Energy Solutions

We’re all becoming aware of our obsessive hectic consumption behavior, which is having a negative impact on the environment, and possibly the main contributor to the extreme climate changes. So there needs to be effort placed on identifying better renewable, less polluting energy sources which meets the entire global needs.

So what’s currently being diligently worked on behind the scenes and constantly being improved upon, is finding new methods, different ways to harness and employ solar and wind power, this for free energy.

1. The Planets Imminent Destruction

From the threat of nuclear weapons being activated by tyrants, to giant asteroids potentially and suddenly hitting the Earth at any moment, the planet earth has always been vulnerable and exposed to these major risks, that can lead to its destruction.

While some choose to follow the pessimistic viewpoint, that all is gloom and doom and the earths fate is inevitable, realize that we’re all in this together. So have the faith and the hope for a better more sustainable tomorrow.

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