9 Favorite Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

Losing weight is hard work, the dedication it takes. One undisciplined slip up and you’re back to square one. So what’s needed is devotion along with consistent awareness, of the detrimental foods which contributes to excess body weight.

There also needs to be motivation, a cause, which provides the reason to lose the extra pounds. What’s known for certain is those who are overweight or obese, will develop health issues such as heart disease leading to stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and depression.

The easiest yet hardest solution is to just lose weight. The simple formula is regular exercise and a healthy diet.

9. Alcoholic Beverages

What alcoholic drinks contain are empty calories which won’t fill you up, or provide any type of nutrients. Once empty calories gets mixed with carbohydrates, fats, and protein, what happens is they postpone the fat-burning process which contributes to fat storage. Alcohol also leads to the increased production of coritsol, which is a hormone that breaks down muscle while retaining fat. The loss of muscle directly impacts metabolism, making it easier for you to gain weight.

8. White Bread And Bakery

White bread is a core staple food item for most. What they contain however are zero nutritional value and empty calories. The carbohydrates that are found in white bread are fattening, because they’re a high glycemic index food. This means white bread and bakery products aren’t filling. The starch it contains also increases blood sugar levels, which raises the risk of diabetes and weight gain. Switch instead to whole-wheat bread, since they at least contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

7. Avoid Margarine

Margarine is marketed to be a healthier alternative to butter, but know that margarine is another industry manufactured, calorie heavy fatty food that needs to be avoided for the sake of your weight loss efforts and health. What it contains are hydrogenated fats, which is more harmful than the saturated fats found in butter. Most contain close to 3 grams of trans fat per tablespoon, while being completely void of nutrients. It causes weight gain along with developing cardiovascular disease.