9 Habits To Stop Which Improves Your State Of Wellness

6. You’re Too Sensitive

Just a slight sarcastic comment, a full blown nasty remark from a coworker, or a traffic jam turning into irate road rage, does is causes you to implode in anger. You know you should just shrug it off, and just roll with it, but you don’t. Those who are overly sensitive, will crumble instantly once facing confrontation, as cortisol, which is the brains stress hormone, elevates.

What cortisol does is lowers ones immunity and bone density, which then increases blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight. What laughing off criticism, fighting off stress, does is lowers the risk of depression. It’s up to you, to turn a bad day into a great one.

5. Social Media Vacuum

Most can’t recall the last time going for coffee with a friend, and having a meaningful conversation. What social media has managed to do, is single-handily distort what “social” really means. What we’ve all managed to become, are techno-introverts.

We no longer have face-to-face connections, but only virtual ones. We want instant gratification, from a push of a button which only creates anxiety. So learn to power down on a daily basis, so the body and mind can recover from all the mental distortion.

4.Avoid Digital Devices

Whenever we go out, we take our digital devices with us at all times. What we focus on intently, is everything technological, and miss out on living a life. Going to sporting events or concerts for instance, some are known to watch the majority of the event, through the screen of their smartphone, entirely missing the experience in real time.

What’s concentrated on, is capturing images, getting selfies, or recording video of the event, so they can post it on social media later. Then actually experiencing the environment, is completely missed or soon forgotten.