9 Poor Habits To Eliminate Which Will Improve Your Life

With all the demands placed on our lives, what we constantly walk is a tightrope of stress and calm. We live in a world of constant push and pull, attempting to get through another day.

During these times, what we pick up are certain characteristics, seemingly innocent habits which appears to be insignificant. What they can eventually do is knock us off kilter, and affect our well-being.

Issues which needs to be monitored, such as our level of physical activity or our social media usage, can affect and offset our mood.

It begins by knowing which of these “habits,” has a direct influence on our mental health.

9. Stop Procrastinating

The core reason why anyone procrastinates, is because of uncertainty, fear, or anxiety, which only compounds the problem, because nothing gets done.

What this creates is elevated stress and irritability, this at the workplace, or around family, friends, and social situations.

Everyone procrastinates, so what’s needed is a process to get things done regardless.

Once a task you’ve been hesitant to do is finally completed, what we then get is a boost of self-confidence. This by proving to yourself, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

8. Not Enough “Me” Time

What’s important on a daily basis, is decompressing and getting some downtime for yourserlf. To find some alone time between needing to deal with work, marriage, family, friends, and social commitments.

It becomes vital, to find some time to reboot, and refresh our priorities, and not be constantly too busy.

If you’re not able to find time for yourself, what not doing so, is the main cause of your elevating stress and irritability.

So make it a point to reserve at least 15 minutes, two times a day, just to collect your thoughts. Also make sure you make this alone time enjoyable.

7. Poor Posture

What slouching, constantly walking around slumped over does is goes beyond having poor body structure. Doing so is also thought to be lazy, or unaware of ones surroundings.

There’s also a reason why one slouches, which goes beyond physical body composition.

What’s known, for those who walks around hunched over, is it negatively impacts the brain, this especially when it comes to mood.

So what’s recommended, is consciously walking erect with shoulders and chin up, to improve your overall well-being.


6. You’re Too Sensitive

Just a slight sarcastic comment, a constructive remark from a coworker or friend, or a traffic jam turning into irate road rage, does is causes you to implode in anger.

You know you should just shrug it off, and just roll with it, but you don’t.

Those who are overly sensitive, will crumble instantly once facing confrontation, as cortisol, which is the brains stress hormone, elevates.

What cortisol does is lowers your immunity and bone density, which increases blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight.

What laughing off criticism, fighting off stress, does is lowers the risk of depression. It’s up to you, to turn a bad day into a great one.

5. Social Media Vacuum

Most can’t recall the last time they physically went out for coffee with a friend, and had a meaningful conversation.

What social media has managed to do, is single-handily distort what “social” really means. What we’ve all managed to become, are techno-introverts.

We no longer have face-to-face connections, but only virtual ones. We want instant gratification, from a push of a button which only creates anxiety.

So learn to power down and get off the Internet on a daily basis, so the body and mind can recover from all the mental distortion.

4.Avoid Digital Devices

Whenever we go out, we take our digital devices with us at all times. What we focus on intently is everything technology, and miss out on living a life.

Going to sporting events or concerts for instance, some are known to watch the majority of the event through the screen of their smartphone, entirely missing the experience in real time.

What they concentrated on is capturing images, getting selfies, or recording video of the event, so they can post it on social media later.

Then actually experiencing the environment of the live event, is completely missed or soon forgotten.

3. Not Getting Enough Sleep

What’s known for certain, is sleep is the core foundation of our well-being. We all love to sleep when we can get it.

What happens from a good nights sleep, is the body reboots itself, by replenishing and resetting every organ in the body. This reactivates proper brain function, the central nervous system, and digestion.

So if you’re feeling irritable or blue, the chances are you may be sleep deprived. Begin by shutting yourself down, 1 hour prior to your bedtime.

Avoid technology, TV, and getting too excited during this time, while instead having herbal tea, and a warm bath.

2. Involved In Toxic Relationships

At times, it can take a while to escape toxic relationships. Some however, aren’t even aware or realize they’re in one, or are too afraid to do anything about it.

So as a result, they live in incompatibility hell, as their lives become a living nightmare.

What’s known for certain, is any long-term social interaction that’s negative, can eventually lead to illnesses such as inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension.

Toxic relationships with partners, bosses, coworkers, family and friends, and not doing anything about it, results in low self-esteem and anxiety.

So if you’re caught in a poor relationship situation, it’s only in your best interest to do something about it.

1. Living A Sedentary Life

It’s no surprise a lack of physical activity, being a couch potato or chained to a desk at work behind the computer, is linked to having poor mood, which can lead to depression.

What’s known to instantly elevate mood and eliminate feelings of negativity, this by up to 22% percent, is by simply exercising 5 times a week for 30 minutes.

This physical activity can be as simple as taking a walk, cycling, jogging or going to the gym.