9 Ways To Reduce Your Daily Calorie Intake

3. Calculate The Number Of Sweets You Eat

Almost everyone gets in trouble consuming excess calories, this because of their sweet tooth. Sneaking in that one additional dessert or candy. What doing so obviously does, is contributes to body fat. The recommended amount is around 6 to 9 teaspoons of added sugar daily, but most consumes anywhere from 13 to 20 teaspoons.

What the sugar that’s found in desserts does, is increases the risk of a variety of serious diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, immune and cardiovascular diseases. So if you’re craving for something sweet, consciously limit your intake, by saying no. Limit yourself to just having your favorite sweets once or twice a week.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

What drinking plenty of refreshing water does, is instantly reduces calorie intake along with hunger pangs, this especially right before meals. Water remains the premier healthy drink which is totally calorie-free. What water offers has is a positive effect on energy expenditure, along with fuel utilization. Water is recognized as an extremely powerful confounding factor for metabolism.

What studies show is that those who increased their water intake by just 4% percent, lowered their daily calorie intake, while reducing saturated fat, sodium, sugar, and cholesterol. If you find water to be too bland, then add lemon, fruit, or cucumber slices for a bit of zest.

1. Use Smaller Plates

This is a well known “trick” that’s used in buffet restaurants. Use smaller plates, which makes it look like there’s more food on the plate. Just changing the dinnerware to a smaller size, has proven to make you eat less, feel fuller, which helps in consuming less calories.

The same portion of food just looks more when on smaller plates. Also using tall thin glassware for beverages, makes it seem there’s more volume. What’s known is that the color of the plate matters as well. Choose plates which contrasts with the food that you eat, such as blue, which makes the food stand out.