9 Ways To Reduce Your Daily Calorie Intake

6. Drink More Green Tea

Choosing to drink green tea instead of coffee, has proven to be an effective method to keep your calorie intake under control. The catechins that’s found in the green tea, are found excellent for increasing the body’s ability to burn fat. What they’re capable of doing, is generating heat within the body, which then burns extra calories.

What the daily consumption of green tea that contains 690 mg of catechins does, is reduces body fat provided you do so routinely. So choose to replace your daily consumption of coffee or tea, with preferably organic green tea. Drink up to 3 cups a day.

5. Always Carry Healthy Snacks And Water

What’s common is consuming unhealthy snacks or convenient soft drinks which are high in calories, as that’s the instinctive thing to do. This especially if you’re busy at work, or with friends and family. The tendency is to just eat whatever is available, which most often is fatty snacks and processed foods.

So to prevent yourself from doing so, decide to take along a large bottle of fresh water with lemon slices, and some healthy snacks such as carrot sticks. Take them as a reminder that you’re determined to lower your calorie intake. Make sure that the snacks have the proper nutrients, while keeping you full.

4. Eat Eggs For Breakfast

What eating eggs for breakfast has been is a tradition for almost everyone. This should be continued, this especially if counting calories. What starting your day with a high-quality protein breakfast that includes eggs, especially the omega-3 fortified type, is an excellent way of keeping you full.

Eggs are a premium source of protein, along with vitamin D and healthy fat. What eating eggs especially first thing in the morning does, is helps you keep your energy levels high. What’s found best is eating 2 hard-boiled eggs, or making an omelet with plenty of vegetables and healthy cheese. Avoid the usual fats such as bacon.