9 Consequences When Choosing To Think More Positive Thoughts

Choosing to think positive is a lot more more work that thinking negative, which is the default setting in the brain. Most expect bad things to happen to them, which justifies their negative thinking, proving they were right. Just hope for the best, while expecting the worst. The key to a life that’s healthy and happy is staying positive, regardless of the circumstances or outcome. Although happiness, being optimistic may take more effort, but remaining so has proven to keep the body and the mind fit and tension free. Staying positive and optimistic is your freedom of choice, which activates your thoughts to a more carefree life.

9. Improves Success Rates

What remaining positive about the end goal, this regardless of what it may be, such as a big work project, running a 10k race, or cooking a new dish, the likeliness of it succeeding increases once you think it’s not a burden, and think about completing the task, while determined for a positive outcome.

Staying focused and optimistic, believing in oneself while applying complete undivided effort, results in success. Having the eternal faith that the task can be completed, this regardless of the potential roadblocks, remains the key.

8. Being Positive Increases Motivation

What being optimistic does is enriches motivation, which promotes one to work harder. It’s also a contributor to the outcome of the task at hand. When around those who are happy, it becomes infectious and the motivation is transferred.

What being perpetually positive also provides, is that we can self motivate ourselves better, this to attack the job at hand, while expecting favorable results. A positive environment makes us feel that anything is possible. If you happen to fail, then learn from it, and move on.

7. Happiness Infuses Energy

Having constant positive thoughts such as “Yes I can do this!” does is generates energy, which results in a positive outcome. We also want others to believe in us, and this begins with us believing in ourselves first.

When one has positive thoughts and is happy, they’re more pumped with the immediate challenges of life, and completes them more efficiently. What being positive does is forces one to look forward to the task at hand, meet deadlines, and does so tirelessly.