7 Natural Ways To Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet

4 – Cook At Home More Often

What’s constantly preached because it’s true, is if you’re wanting to consume fewer calories and control food intake, to prepare and eat the bulk of your meals at home.

What cooking your own meals does, is puts you in complete control of the ingredients you use. What dietitians recommend is eating at home at least 5 days per week, this to successfully maintain weight.

The formula for effective meal prep is by precooking lean protein, such as fish or chicken, brown rice, dried beans, quinoa, and using fresh or frozen but not canned veggies, for quick no-fuss meals.

3 – Consume More Homemade Soup

Most enjoy a side dish for lunch, or a starter for dinner. Instead of bread or pasta, choose homemade soup. Make sure that it’s broth based and not cream based soup, this to avoid the extra calories the dairy contains. Always use fresh vegetables.

What dining on soup at the beginning of any meal does, is it curbs hunger, especially if eaten slowly. So decide to make delicious soup, by using fresh tomatoes, white beans, minestrone, barley, and hearty lean beef or chicken, for protein and fiber.

2 – Start Drinking More Tea

We default to eating or drinking fatty substances when we’re nervous or bored, usually when we’re not even hungry or thirsty. Once this occurs, decide to make a habit of drinking a nice steaming mug of green or herbal tea instead.

What sipping green tea provides is a boost in metabolism, as it’s rich in catechins.

What green or herbal tea also guarantees, is that the beverage has zero calories, provided cream or sweetener isn’t added. During the evening, make sure you just stick with herbal tea, so sleep won’t be disrupted.

1 – Load Up On Fruits And Vegetables

For every meal, decide to bulk up on extra veggies instead of fats and starches, which will fill you up just the same, keeping you full and satisfied until your next meal.

For instance, when you prepare stir-fry or pasta, choose to use less rice or noodles, and replace them with vegetables.

What dietitians claim is that eating more fruits and vegetables, remains the best method for shedding excess pounds. The reason being, they’re low in calories but high in fiber and water, which fills you up with the right nutrients, resulting in consuming less junk food.