7 Natural Ways To Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet

The annual tradition becomes health maintenance, usually to shed a few pounds we’ve accumulated during the year, and especially once the warmer weather arrives. What’s clinically proven, is that weight loss comprises of 70% percent diet and 30% percent exercise.

Although many think their fitness levels are adequate, what’s found more valuable is having the proper mindset, being in a good mood, to have more energy, this by getting adequate sleep, and choosing to eat better.

The simple formula is burning more calories than consuming more calories. Decreasing food intake, is found a lot more effective than increasing physical activity.

7 – Your First Choice Of Beverage Should Be Water

One of the biggest sources of “hidden” calories, is found in the beverages that we drink, which quickly adds up. These can include coffee, soda, sports drinks, or having an alcoholic beverage with your meal after work.

You could be eating low calorie healthy foods, but you’re just offsetting it by drinking calorie loaded fluids.

Instead, control calorie intake better by swapping sugary drinks or a cocktail, with cool fresh water or sparking soda with no sugar. You can spike up boring water, by adding flavor such as a slice of cucumber, orange, lemon, or lime, to give it zest.

6 – Create A Meditative Yoga Like Mindset

A key element of losing weight and staying fit, is having a positive state of mind. What experts recommend is yoga or mediation, to achieve better mind-body connection.

What’s known is those who practices yoga tends to be happier and weights less, than those who don’t.

The reason why yoga is so significant, is not only does it get your body active, it also gives you better overall self-awareness of your body and emotions, which helps you develop a more mindful approach to eating better.

5 – Learn To Enjoy Your Meals

Learn to train your mind and body, to eat food more slowly by regulating intake. Some recommend using a timer or a stop watch. What’s known is that the reason why we get indigestion and heartburn, is because we shovel food down our throats too quickly.

Purposely eating slower, allows you to enjoy the taste of the food better, while eating smaller portions. Some diets recommend setting a timer for 20 minutes, and then stretching out the meal.

This allows you to chew, taste, and enjoy every bite. Doing so also allows the brain to register the food in the stomach, allowing it to tell you when you’re full.