5 Ways To Make That Great First Impression When Meeting Someone New

It’s been proven that making a memorable first impression on someone, is key. But it’s also been said that first impressions are often cured by a second look, especially once you get to know that person. So whether it’s for a job interview, a hot blind date, or for any other purpose when you’re initially meeting someone you haven’t met before, you have a split-second to make a favorable impression.

There are mounds of research that suggests, we do pay particular attention when it comes to taking and then remembering a certain person, the interaction once we meet them, as it’s that initial remembrance that will strongly resonate and remain in our minds.

So regardless if you’re spiffed up for that date, or that sought after job interview, with halitosis in check, it’s extremely important to make that very first initial contact be an impressive one, so make it memorable.

Who Are You Again?
So in a lot of ways, the invention of speed dating or even speed interviewing at job fairs, makes a lot of sense. Most will generally form an opinion, the first second or two upon initially making contact, this before any words are spoken, or before any information is revealed.

So why even bother go through a long winded interview process, or drinks at the bar when first meeting someone, and endlessly talk to them about your life, when they already know in their subconscious, if they like you or not.

Why be forced to go through what’s often a painful initiation process, when you know the majority of the decision whether you’re a match with that person, if there’s chemistry, has already been established in their minds.


Upon first contact, once two strangers meet for the very first time, it’s also a two way street. While the other person initially establishes what they think and feels about you, what you’re also doing is establishing your own opinion about that person as well.

Since the feeling is generally mutual, what needs to be developed, are ways on how to mindfully know how to make that initial first meeting, a favorable one.

1. Remain As Natural And Relaxed As Possible
Portraying strong true genuine ethics is always important. So if you’re attempting to “fake it till you make it,” most will see right through that. What doing so does, is it exposes your shallowness, making you come across as a phony, unless you’re an extremely good actor.

Not being your true self, can also be morally problematic and unsustainable. It becomes difficult to keep up that false persona impression for long, unless you truly have an anti-social personality disorder.

So make it a point to just be yourself, be natural. Once you try too hard to impress someone, it reveals a fake version of yourself.

2. Make Sure You’re Prepared Before The Initial Interaction
It could be that important job interview which you crave, or making a strong impression at that high profile social event. Make sure that you prepare beforehand, by organizing and centering yourself and your thoughts, which should pay big dividends.

So spend a few minutes to relax yourself the best way you know how. Meditate, go for a workout or repeating your favorite mantra can help. Do whatever you need to do, to organize as well as soothe yourself as much as possible.

3. Know What You Should Be Saying
The very first words that you speak, can project a negative message, especially if it’s too leading or deceptive. What’s more important, is your nonverbal communication.

The first contact, before any words are spoken, tends to amplify a lot louder when it comes to making a good first impression, when initially meeting.

So pay attention to your posture, initiate casual eye contact and don’t glare, shake hands firmly, mind your manners, and monitor the nonverbal communication the other person is relaying. Look in a mirror, and ask yourself what your aura illuminates.


4. What You Wear Does Matter
You don’t need to be that style or fashion conscious, or keep up with the latest designer trends, by any means.

But there is truth in the saying “Dress For Success.” The clothes that you wear, along with proper grooming habits does matter, this when it comes to making a favorable first impression.

It’s important because upon first contact, how others judge you is what dictates how they instantly behave and react to you. So pay strict attention, to how you dress.

What’s most favorable, is dressing conservative and appropriate for the occasion. Also make sure that you pass the grooming test, such as a current haircut, so you’ll send the exact message that you’re wanting to portray.

5. Remember That It’s Never About You… Ever
It’s easy for your ego, to attempt to take over and make it all about yourself, during any initial first interaction. Sure confidence can be a strong point, but it can also be a huge distraction and become annoying.

Focus instead, on the other person as much as you can. Attend to that person, by them asking relevant questions, and attempt to see what they see in you, through their eyes.

This way, you’ll connect a lot better and a lot quicker. This will also open up your ability to be yourself, your best self, which portrays you as being thoughtful and compassionate.

Making a positive first impression, is vitally important for your welfare. So if it’s your first time in meeting someone new, make the best of it, when you’re presented with the opportunity. As they say, “You never get a second chance, to make a good first impression.”