5 Reasons Why You Feel Like A Phony Even When Successful

Which is known as the Imposter Syndrome, which can effect your right to living a happy life, or it can have detrimental effects on your business. This is the very real fear of being exposed, “found out,” the feeling that you’re not as competent as others think you are. These thoughts persistently plague those who are successful, such as top executives or accomplished actors, as these feelings haunt their well being. Other than those who are serial narcissists with huge egos, there’s no one who can avoid these feelings of self-doubt, ones which fuels the Impostor Syndrome. What’s known, is that there are a variety of reasons why.

Signs Of The Imposter Syndrome

You work hard, you’re successful and as a result have become financially stable, yet you feel inadequate and not that accomplished. What’s known, is there are steps to overcome these feelings, this by mindfully guiding yourself to accepting and managing your accomplishments.

These feelings can become overwhelming and debilitating. Once it happens, and since it begins to affect your everyday life, never be ashamed to seek out professional help, as what’s immediately available are proven strategies, which prompts you to view yourself as others see you.

Personality Types Affected By The “Imposter Syndrome”

What’s known is that the imposter syndrome is broken down into a few distinct personality subcategories, who are the most affected. These include those who are perfectionists, the overachieving superwoman/man, natural geniuses, self proclaimed experts, and those who are creative.

The impostor syndrome and the perfectionist goes hand-in-hand, as what they’ll do is set the standard for themselves way too high, and then feel guilt or shame once they don’t reach it.

The other types, such as the “superman” syndrome, are those who constantly stays late at the office, wanting to achieve or accomplish more, while putting their personal life on the sidelines, then feeling unfulfilled.

What the “genius” will do is base their success on their mental abilities, this rather than their efforts. For instance, if they need to work hard at something, then they’ll assume that they must be bad at it. Experts and those who are creative, rarely feel they’re doing enough.


5.- Documenting Your Achievements Help

Those who suffers from the imposter syndrome, never feels they’re worthy enough for one reason or another, as they need to constantly remind themselves of all the hard work, along with the achievements that they’ve accomplished, that got them to get where they’re currently at. The key becomes to write them down as a reminder, however small the accomplishment may be.

If you’re not comfortable posting that list on your desk wall at work, you could write them down, and then enter them into your phone or computer. Then review the list every morning before going to the office. Set an alert on your phone, if you need a reminder.

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