There Are 4 Types Of People In The World Which One Are You

Everyone is born to succeed, we all have great potential, brilliant ideas, goals, and dreams. Books that are unwritten, businesses yet to be started. Realize that your mind, your skills and talents aren’t limited natural resources, so never deny yourself of your dreams, as it’s your responsibility to fulfill them.

First look at those closest to you, and determine which one of them has impacted your life the most. How are they effecting your dreams, esteem, and potential. Are they destructive or constructive towards your goals. Realize that to get better, you need to classify them as who they are.

1. – The Living Dead
They’ll suck the energy right out of you. They’ve given up on life, and feel if they can’t be happy, then you shouldn’t be either. They’ll do everything to impede you from achieving your goals.

They love to burst your bubble, dreams, reminding you you’re a failure, by pointing out your past mistakes, and why you can’t achieve anything. They’ll pull you down, once they see you getting closer to your goals, while wishing they were you.

This isn’t done consciously or intentionally, as they may not even realize they’re doing so. Since this is someone close to you, have the courage to break away and do the things you need to.

2. – The Dreamers
The dreamers are full of creativity. They make noble stabs at success, but their attempts fizzle before they reach or solidify that success. They have a plethora of ideas, projects, perpetually waiting on the runway.

They often say “only if…” or “someday…” or “when such-and-such….” They’re life is stuck in the slow lane. They plug along always in idle, as the radio distracts their focus.


3. – The Achievers
They’re moderately successful. They’re accomplished, skillful, but they’ve only dipped their toes into the fire. They’ve climbed the corporate or entrepreneurial ladder, found it pleasant, but they stopped a few rungs shy.

They’re comfortable, satisfied with the success and accomplishments that they’ve had to date. They just sit back relaxed, reflect, thinking why rock the boat.

They’re life becomes mediocre, they refuse to think there’s more to learn. They’ve decided in their minds, they can’t see themselves moving up to the next level.

4. – The Exponentially Successful
Their energy is boundless, eternally optimistic, they’re doing what they love. Everyone enjoys being around them, as they embrace what life entails, all the challenges and the joys.

They’re constantly striving to improve themselves. They quickly learn from their mistakes, or from the experiences of others.

They’re lifelong learners, read often, they risk, and are always growing, regardless of the situation. They thrive on the truth.

They know who they are, what they like, why they’re here, and where they’re going. They make overachieving, massive success look easy.

To Become Exponentially Successful
Take a look around. Are those people in your life pulling you up or down. Are they helping you or hindering you, when it comes to your goals, dreams, and aspirations.


Those who are exponentially successful, follow their hearts. It doesn’t matter what others say or do. They know if and when they’re on the right track, when pursuing their dreams.

Mental Mindset
It’s important to learn and find clues from others, who’s experienced exponential success, this by stepping back, and viewing the bigger picture.

It’s also extremely easy to get swept up in another person’s energy and enthusiasm, so it’s important to not follow them mindlessly. Even if duplicating them yields good results, you need to tailor it to your own situation, and station in life.

This allows you to maximize your own potential, while simultaneously expanding your boundaries to greater heights. Your passion will then kick in, as you recognize the taste of true success.

Your Life Calling
Realize there’s things in this life, that you’re here to accomplish. What everyone has are great ideas and dreams, that are lying dormant inside them. Know your life has great potential.

Unlike a computer, your mind doesn’t have limited storage. It’s infinite, and wasted if you don’t take action. If you don’t fulfill the mission that you’re here to accomplish, then you’re fulfilling the dreams of someone else.

Don’t be denied of the potential you’re destined to realize, as it’s your responsibly. No one else can or should do it for you, so take full responsibly of your destiny.

Taking Steps Towards Exponential Success
Once you learn how to channel your energy and emotions into burning desire, you’re laying the foundation for exponential success. Harnessing this desire, is the first step.

This desire should be so great, that subconsciously, you’re pouring every ounce of what you’ve got, towards accomplishing what you were meant to accomplish.

All this while others will scoff and scorn you, calling your dreams impractical, this while you’re embracing and unleashing your greatest energy and imagination.

You then experience surges of productivity, allowing you to transform mediocre ability into mind-boggling success. This desire, turns into conviction.

Having Conviction
What conviction has is the power to pull you through any setback, giving you the strength to challenge, tackle, and accomplish any task. The key is to find, then focus this conviction.

Once you hone in and focus on your skills, and then use them diligently in your daily life, conviction will then rise within you, to the forefront.

This is similar to a space shuttle, which expends the most fuel to generate the momentum it needs to leave the earths atmosphere, giving it the thrust it demands to soar into orbit.

To generate exponential success, demands the greatest amount of initial energy and effort, and once it’s in flight, it needs less energy. Then, whatever it is you want, you’ll get, as you reach your dreams.

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