3 Trends In Local Mobile Search Optimization Marketing

voiceactivatedsmartphonesinthe near futureMobile devices are rapidly evolving how individuals are now searching the Web. It’s now quite obvious that the increasing use of mobile is becoming a driving force for those who are wanting to access sites on the Web.

Anyone who has an investment online is also expected to continue to move this trend forward, as this pattern is on the upswing. Accessing the Internet using mobile devices in the near future also provides a clear insight regarding how users will attempt to utilize the search engines. This regardless if they’re on their smartphone, tablet PC or any other portable device connected to the Web.

While it’s extremely difficult to predict exactly where Mobile Search is headed, especially when faced with the developments in this ever-changing environment, some of the recent trends should hopefully paint a trail towards what may happen.

Here are the expected changes when it comes to mobile search patterns and how they may ultimately impact how search is performed in the future for this industry segment.

Everything Is Going Local And I Like It
One thing that’s defined and certain when it comes to Web related mobile technology is that search is going local. This is spearheaded by companies such as Groupon, Google, Yelp and Foursquare who have singlehandedly redefined the local coupon savings concept. What they all encompass are various areas and elements of social media, ecommerce, and how the end consumer will ultimately perform their searches.

Since one of the biggest breakthroughs in recent Web trends has been these extremely popular local “daily deals” sites, searches as a result has experienced an upsurge of mobile based local searches which are focused on these deals a lot more frequently on a variety of products.

Provided that this marketing niche remains as stable and intact in the future, the movement when it comes to these types of deals appears to be geared towards more individualized consumer relevance. Mobile is also expected to be an important and the leading factor in this charge.

Foursquare by far is currently leading the “Mobile Check In” service sector along with they dipping into the local daily deals niche with “Foursquare Specials.” As technology continues to improve and these deals become more commonplace and focused, what you can expect are more personalization with better targeting.

Once this begins to happen, consumers will be able to search and be targeted for local specific deals which are based on their past shopping habits, products and price points, as well as being tailored with relevant deals when these consumers are traveling or shopping somewhere new in the neighborhood or in a new city.

For these local deals sites to ramp themselves up to the next level, they need to adopt mobile usage a lot more and then integrate it with their check-in services. You can expect searches when it comes to mobiles reconfigured so that they will adapt to these changes.

The key for these online marketers will be attempting to find the best method of getting these various local deals to be delivered as relevant and efficiently as possible to meet the exact mobile users needs when they’re searching for their products.

Increase In Mobile Search Ads
Advertisements on search engine platforms has for a while been one of the biggest booms when it comes to ad spending for retailers and marketers on the Web. This is because this avenue has proven to be an extremely effective investment for the majority of these businesses who are taking advantage of it.

It’s estimated that search based advertising increased close to 20% percent in the past year alone, reaching over $14 billion in spending across the various networks. This is also expected to grow in the near future, with an emphasis on mobile search ads.

Current predictions indicate that mobile based ad revenue is expect to grow close to 41% percent this year alone. This growth is due partly because of the steady growth of local mobile searches, which now accounts for a large percent of all Google searches. There is an obvious willingness for these advertisers to adapt and then evolve to these changes. What may be more important is that these high performing location based ads are beginning to drive up the ad rates as well.

It’s becoming clearly obvious that the biggest revenue to be realized when it comes to mobile advertising is from mobile search, particularly local searches. So investing in local mobile search may be the progressive way to appeal to new and relevant, ready to buy now consumers. This potentially offers a greater return on the advertising dollars spent than using any other medium or platform.

Search Using Voice Commands
Apple and their latest iPhone 4S to some was a bit of a disappointment since they were anticipating some type of a major “game-changer” technology which Apple is renown for. Most were hoping that it was going to potentially impact mobile development along with changing the future of how mobile search efficiency is delivered.

So that being said, voice activated “personal assistant” features are able to provide users with immediate answers to all their most important search queries. Users are able to vocally inquire about personal information such as their daily appointments and schedules, as well as topics such as the daily weather forecast, or what time a particular movie at the local theater begins.


These voice command related features are expected to arrive on non-Apple based smartphones in the very near future, which will be able of scour the Internet to find answers.

As these voice-search activated services become more prominent, talking and getting mobile search queries are expected to experience a significant rise in popularity. Once it does become mainstream across all mobile devices, voice activated search should begin appearing on other communication devices as well, such as the Xbox 360 for instance.

Apple as well as Google Android are both rumored to be developing their own solutions, which will take a giant leap when it comes to convenience in mobile searches.

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