108 Motivational Self-Help Tips In Times Like These

RELATIONSHIPS: How To Make Them Last

81.) – Draw The Line
The wrong kind of attachment often destroys the best working relationships. And that is why it is always best to define boundaries from the very beginning. It will not only keep things in check but will also prevent damage control.

82.) – Be Legal
Never mix business with pleasure. To make a business relationship work, partners must always seek the services of a lawyer and an accountant. Not only will they protect the company from failing but will also prevent internal disputes.

83.) – Do Not Be Ignorant
Do not simply invest financially instead devote a percentage of your time to study the market, the position of your business or simply be present if you need to be.

84.) – Gain The Trust Of Your Customers
Well, investors are always suspicious of their fellow investors so leave the attitude in the boardroom. Businesses can only thrive if companies develop a trusting relationship with their clients and customers. You can only start one by delivering what you promised.

85.) – Get Feedback
A response or any reaction from consumers is often the best indication of being existent. Flourishing businesses die for feedback, and even successful enterprises need to be reassured.

86.) – Be Ready To Compromise
A poorly managed business relationship can easily be crushed by doubts about profit and other money matters. For a business relationship to work out, each partner must practice the art of compromise. It may not get you more income but it can produce the outcome you want and more.

87.) – Be Committed
All kinds of relationship need commitment because without it, a relationship will surely fail. May it be for work, in school or with families, individuals should obligate themselves to perform their side of the bargain.

88.) – Know When To Reciprocate
Many personal relationships fail because partners do not know how to respond properly. There are no hard or fast rules to developing or nurturing a relationship, you only have to let go and allow your emotions to take over.

89.) – Realize The Need To Communicate
If you really want your partnership to work, then better master the art of talking and listening. It is the single most powerful secret to every other kind of relationship that exists.

90.) – Be Creative
A boring relationship is an uninteresting kind of relationship. You simply must challenge yourself and look for ways to spark curiosity or inject life to what you have. Families need to go on a vacation, friends need to catch up and there are a lot of things that should interest any couple.

91.) – Be Yourself
Loving family members, friends and couples should never pretend with each other. Such relationships should create the most open of all environments.

92.) – Show Some Love
Sometimes it is not enough that you belong to one family, children often long for their parents to hug them or pat them on the shoulder. Friends want more than having a good time plus treat your lover the best way that you can.

93.) – Recognize The Purpose Of The Relationship
Apprenticeship programs work best if parties involve acknowledge the purpose of the association. You must generate an approach that is welcoming, carefully thought of and well executed.

94.) – Set A Time Frame
To better achieve results, teacher-student relationships must create a schedule that is both fitting and achievable.

95.) – Have An Open Mind
You will not like every person that you meet but in such kind of relationship, whether it is mandatory or not, one must not pass judgment about others.

96.) – Have Fun
Do not be stiff, let loose and have fun.


97.) – Be Generous
Prod and encourage your subordinate by giving commending his or her performance. The only way to make a mentoring relationship work is by freely giving comments and suggestions in order to achieve goals more effectively.

KEEPING UP: How To Win With Everyday Agonies

98.) – Be Patient
If there is a long line at the cafeteria, just shrug it out and wait for your turn. If your ride is running late, just sit it out a bit and it will come eventually. These are examples of daily nuisances that people get caught up with but instead of hating every minute of it, why not just extend your patience a little longer and things will eventually fall in place.

99.) – Lousy Boss
At one point in the life of an employee, he or she will think that they have the worst boss in the entire planet. Well, welcome to the club but there is no point sticking with the thought because they will continue keep coming to work as one. So why spend another minute thinking about how you are better than your boss when clearly it is not getting you anywhere?

100.) – No More Hot Water
You wake up late and you find there is no more hot water – in the shower and for your coffee. Stomping your feet or ruffling your hair may help but then again, what is the point? Set your alarm earlier so you can shower with all the hot water you can take and leave your roommates out to dry.

101.) – Empty Promises
Sometimes you may just end up with people who cannot get the meaning of promptness and you get nothing but “sorry” or “I’ll be better tomorrow.” This is really exasperating especially when you are the one to answer so instead of getting it every day, why not be straight and fire the guy if you have to.

102.) – Horrible Date
When all you wanted was to enjoy a perfect date night, you will probably end up with a horrible rendezvous. This is one of the perks of dating and as sad as it may seem, there is nothing you can do about it but laugh it out and eat the night away.

103.) – Age Is Just A Number
Stop counting your age because honestly, no one is asking. And besides, the more you concern yourself with it, the more you will look like it.

104.) – Shift Your Focus
Not because you want to look younger that your hobbies have to be young too. Be sensible and engage in activities that will keep you fit above anything else. What is the use of youth if you break every bone trying to hold off aging?

105.) – Keep Learning
It is not always about how you look and though it may be the first thing that people check, it may not always be the one that sticks. There is no limit to what you can ascertain as long as you keep at it.

106.) – Go Places
Travel to places and keep doing that until you can no longer take it. Experience different cultures, visit destinations and most of all, expand your reach. There is simply no use waiting for your age to pile if you really want to enjoy life.

107.) – Give Back
The rewards of being able to give back to the community can be more therapeutic than one would ever admit. You do not have to make your own foundation or anything, but choosing a cause to support and keep at it will definitely bust thoseaging blues.

108.) – Laugh Out Loud
People forget to laugh sometimes because the more engrossed with life people get, the lesser chance they hang out, do adventurous stuff and even laugh. The benefits of laughing are too many that finding not a single reason to laugh is hilarious.

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