108 Motivational Self-Help Tips In Times Like These

HEALTHY LIVING: Eating And Drinking Practices To Last You A Lifetime

49.) – Drink Eight Glasses Of Water
Water is important to sustain normal body functions and because the body expels hem easily through pores and bowel, each individual should drink at least eight glasses of water.

50.) – Eat Vegetables
Aside from vitamins and minerals, vegetables provide fiber that allows proper digestion. Chew on some greens to keep healthy and ward off diseases.

51.) – Do Some Exercise
Easier said than done. More and more people love the sedentary lifestyle and unless you want to fall into the same rut, you better start twisting and bending that flabby belly to extend another day.

52.) – Quit Smoking
A puff of cigarette lessens the capacity of the vessels to deliver oxygenated blood to various organs. The more addicted to nicotine you get, the more energized you feel but your insides continue to deteriorate.

53.) – Eat Breakfast
If you really want to get through the day, you must never skip breakfast. A bowl of cereal or 2 slices of bread will not only give you enough nutrition but will also control your weight without even watching it.

54.) – Sleep The Night Off
Doze off and do it at night. You may think that catching up on your sleep during the day is the same as doing it at night but you got it wrong. Not only do you gain more weight but also you heighten your chances of getting a headache.

55.) – Refrain Yourself From Drugs
Prohibited or not, too much drugs in the system is a serious problem. It destroys the liver, incapacitates the mind and most of all, makes you dependent on them. For instance, instead of popping a pain reliever, why not just rest your body until the pain goes away?

56.) – Maintain Clean Hygiene
Wash yourself regularly, brush your teeth at least three times daily and change your clothes. These are the essentials to warding off diseases.

57.) – Take Supplements
Help yourself by taking in extra vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B will help with brain activity; Vitamin E will keep your hair strong and your skin tight while Iodine will regulate thyroid function.

58.) – Go Natural
Homeopathic therapy has become increasingly popular and more effective than before. Indulge yourself to a cup of tea, an hour of massage and a weekend of detox. These are all meant to rejuvenate and cleanse the body of harmful toxins that are included in the many foods that humans prefer to eat today.

59.) – Do Not Swallow What You Are Not Familiar With
Curiosity killed the cat and yet cats have nine lives, you only have one. This realization is often what people use, as an excuse to try new things but what they do not really acknowledge is that, it is also one of the leading causes of accidents and death.

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60.) – Hail An Uber
Drinking all night is acceptable but driving while under the influence is stupid. Not only will it get you into an accident but it can also ruin your future. Think about the damage control that you need when you insist on getting behind the wheel when drunk.

61.) – Use Protection
Not all women and their men are keen on getting pregnant. If you do not want to get knocked up, always ask the guy to use protection – it is for both your sake.

62.) – Pay Your Taxes
The epitome of being a citizen is paying taxes. Pay your taxes right and always do it on time. Wonder why this is a self-help? Well because it gets you out of trouble.

63.) – Make Friends
Life is easier with friends around. This is one of the ultimate self-help tips because friends can do the all-around thing, you know.

64.) – Respect Authority
You may survive not regarding your parents with much respect but when you are out in the community, it is the only acceptable way to go. Keep yourself in tune with that because no matter how you dislike it, it is a system that works.


65.) – Brush Your Teeth
This should be a no-brainer.

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66.) – Keep Calm
There is always a 50% chance that things will always turn out differently as planned. And when faced with such, you must always tackle the situation with much finesse as you can gather. Take a minute to breath, analyze what is happening and then make a decision.

67.) – Face The Challenge
There is no point avoiding the issue. Whatever is at hand and no matter how troublesome it is, facing up to it is often the only way to get it over with. What you do may not be the best approach but the ultimate thing is you did not run away from it.

68.) – Be Strong
Not giving up often solves the problem. Muster the strength to make it work, employ the help of friends if necessary. Giving up is easy, so reserve a muscle to keep saying no.


69.) – Check Yourself Out
There is nothing else that can say it more than how you look. Appearance is everything and if you really want to get hired, then present yourself in a way that is both professional and appealing. Create the vibe that says you are a valuable asset.

70.) – Know What You Are Getting Into
Never step into an interview room without the upper hand. No matter how great you look or how highly recommended you come, if you come lacking then you may never get the job. The hiring process is a two-way street: you check them out and they may just check you in.

71.) – Be Professional
Corporate or not, applicants need to be professional. And it is not just about how you present yourself but individuals who acknowledge their position during the process are the types who are most likely to get hired. As A Regular Employee

72.) – Follow Through
The management does not forget the words applicants say during the job interview. And if you really want to keep on the right track, better impress your bosses by accomplishing what you said you would do.

73.) – Get To Work
You do not get to be called an employee, if you do not perform employee responsibilities and showing up for work is one of them. Whether you work in the real world or through the Internet, “getting to work” means the same thing.

74.) – Achieve Goals
It should not be all about the salary because you would actually be dragging your feet to work if you do that. One way of becoming an effective employee is to achieve preset goals. In this way, you will not only be getting lucrative bonuses but you get to satisfy your professional needs as well.

75.) – Be A Team Player
So you want to get a promotion? Well, it would only work if you show your bosses that you can work with your colleagues effectively. Rising to the top means knowing how to move around the guys well enough to produce results.

76.) – Show Them What You Still Have
It is no longer about your track record when you are seeking for higher office but more of what you have not done so far. Be ready to impress your company anew with ideas that forward looking and atypical of what they know of you.

77.) – Be Prepared To Ask For It
Sometimes waiting for it is not the right way to go. If you really want to get promoted, be open to the idea of asking for it. Not only will it show that you are confident to take on the position but that you are actually ready to face the challenge of proving your worth in case the need arise.

78.) – Be Cool
People of position should not only be elusive and intellectual but rather they must also be cool. It is the only way to keep competitors and the market guessing at what your next move would be.

79.) – Be Respectful
The best asset to own when you are on top, is to look at ways differently but it could be the worst if you change how you regard other people. Being respectful to people, about opinions or tastes is important most especially when you have employees to answer to.

80.) – Learn From Your Predecessors
They say that the best teacher is experience and yes, it does not always have to be your own. Using the wisdom of others will not only save you resources but will also open you to ideas that you may never have imagined yourself.

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