108 Motivational Self-Help Tips In Times Like These

MONEY MATTERS: Be Financially Stable

28.) – Identify The Source Of Your Income
The first rule to becoming financially stable is to know where your money is coming from. In this way, you will know when you will have money, how much is coming and so on. Knowing that you are only living on your school allowance will discipline the way you spend your income.

29.) – Set Up Multiple Bank Accounts
You must have separate bank accounts for emergency, savings and daily expenditures. Setting a limit to each will not only secure your future but curtail unnecessary spending too.

30.) – Do Not Spend More Than What You Have
Credit cards are great to have but it only teaches people to chew more than what they have. Do not fall into the habit of swiping your credit card as it only swerves you away from being debt-free.

31.) – Saving Alone Will Not Add To Your Money
Venture into business, buy stocks or go into trading if you have to. There are a lot of ways that you can do to add value to what you already have. Sometimes it is not all about having money but knowing how to generate an income out of it that makes it all worth your while.

32.) – Hire A Bookkeeper
Understandably, managing your own finances could be the worst “saving” tip. Self help is nice but if it is money you are dealing with, it is better and safer to just trust the experts.

33 You Must Treat Money Differently
One of the secrets of the wealthy people is that they actually use their money to experience different things. Having a million in the bank is one thing but having it and not being able to travel, buy things or indulge in pleasures that money can buy is a poor downside.

34.) – Do Not Keep Loaning
There is a reason why you must not lend your money – you may or may not get it back. It does not mean that you have to be greedy either but it would really help to choose whom to help.

35.) – Get Insured
Be financially protected by insuring your assets. It is a cheap move for a valuable asset.

36.) – Money Does Not Grow On Trees
Inherited or not, you simply must do something to keep the cash flowing. It does not do any good either by just leaving it with the bank.

37.) – Practice Bargaining
You would be surprise how frugal the rich people are when they go shopping. So when you find yourself with more money, do not be a big spender. Hustle with the vendors, learn the art of bargaining as it is not because you are penny pinching but you only want to get a reasonable price.

38.) – Be Humble
Money may buy everything but it does not mean that it gives the wealthy people the right to act indifferently.

INTELLECT: Sharpen Your Skills Without Making Too Much Effort

39.) – Eavesdrop On A Conversation
Listening to other peoples’ conversation is definitely rude, but acting like you are not yet rebutting them in your mind is more interesting than actually talking out loud. What is great about the idea is that you may not always actually know what they are talking about and so you learn – hoping that it is not all gossip they are sharing.

40.) – Read The Signs
Do not just walk past cafes, buildings or billboards without reading the signs. You would be surprised at how much information you will get if you do.

41.) – Visit A Library
Go inside a library, pick a desk and stare at the people lost in their study. But do not go Hannibal on them though, but rather visit a library to check not only the books but also grasp the simple idea that trying to learn a thing or two is smart and sexy.

42.) – Write A Love Letter
Composing a message will stimulate your mind. In a world where correspondence is often short and direct, writing a love letter will not only allow you to exercise your vocabulary but also make you want to know new and more creative terms to express your emotions.

43.) – Finish A Book
Reading a page is different from actually finishing to read a book. Books will often leave you wondering and often that is enough to make you want to know more.


44.) – Debate With Someone
Raise a question, state your point or simply, discuss matters on hand. Hearing yourself talk and observing how others perceive you and your ideas is the plainest way to gauge your brainpower.

45.) – Do Not Be Shy To Ask
The menu list can sometimes be confusing, and so if you find yourself stuck with a choice between Baked Mac and Fish n’ Chips while on a dinner date – do not be afraid to ask.

46.) – Listen To An Audiobook
Learn a new language while driving to and from work. Audio books are often helpful in correcting diction and pronunciation. Also, there are a lot of audio books to choose from so you can always listen to what you like.

47.) – Scan The Papers
Do not go straight to the sports page or the crossword puzzle. Even if you do not like it, take a moment to scan the other sections of the newspaper. You might be able to pick a new word or catch the details of the story that everyone has been buzzing about.

48.) – Converse With People
Talk to other people, share your interests and listen to their stories. You can find mannerisms, statements and even facial reactions that you may or may not like. You can use the experience to improve your own skill or dispel off the actions that you do not like.

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