10 Ways How Stop Drinking Soda Can Improve Your Health

3. Lowers The Risk Of Diabetes

What an increased consumption of sugar such as sweetened drinks like soda does, is results in a higher potential of contracting Type 2 diabetes. Obesity is the leading cause of diabetes, and one reason is the excess unregulated consumption of soda, which also causes weight gain.

Even just one soda a week, increases weight gain and the risk of diabetes. What diabetes does is damages the blood vessels which runs through the heart, brain, and legs. It can ultimately cause strokes, vision, liver, and foot disorders.

2. Drop In Blood Pressure

We’re all aware of the dangers of high blood pressure, as it’s one of the primary causes of heart disease, as it damages the cardiovascular system over time, which gradually weakens the arteries and heart muscles. This makes the heart work harder, making it more prone to cardiac arrest.

For those who have high blood pressure, drinking too much soda may be the cause, that’s contributing to this high blood pressure. By eliminating drinking soda altogether, what’s immediately noticed is an improvement.

1. Provides Instant Weight Loss

Just one can of soda contains around 44 grams of empty sugar. When consumed regularly, the body needs to store this excess sugar as fat on the belly. What most sodas also contain is fructose, which is an artificial sweetener, that’s not easily digested by the body like glucose sugar that’s found in fruit can.

Adults who drink more than one soda daily, are 28% percent more likely to gain weight, while the chances of becoming obese increases. So to lose weight, just eliminate soda from the diet completely.


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