10 Things That Women Should Never Tell Their Boyfriends

The theory goes that men aren’t as emotional as women are, that they can generally absorb more verbal and behavioral abuse than women can, while dealing with disappointment better. Having said that, there’s a threshold that shouldn’t be crossed, this regardless of how tough or macho the dude appears on the exterior. He’s still vulnerable when mistreated, this especially from those he loves, particularly his life partner. Insults or rejection coming from strangers or acquaintances, usually brushes right off him, but “opinions” coming from those who matters the most to him hurts, and the wounds can run deep.

10. Starting A Conversation With “We Need To Talk”

This stereotypical phrase isn’t a good starting point, particularly if you have something serious to talk about. What it does is instantly forces him to become defensive, and will counteract everything that you say, this instead of listening to your point of view.

So never start a conversation by saying “we need to talk.” Instead, approach him as casually as possible, gradually steering him towards the discussion, the issue that you’re wanting to talk about.

9. Telling Him He’s Insecure

What everyone at one time or another can feel is insecure about themselves, or jealousy can set in. Once you tell your partner that he’s too insecure, what that can do is trigger an argument which may not end well.

What will usually happen, is he’ll attempt to prove to you how secure he actually is, this by flipping the table, and he may attempt to make you feel jealous or insecure. This contest can then turn into a full blown argument.

8. Telling Him He’s Immature

He’ll become annoyed once you tell him he’s acting immature, this because it appears like you’re acting like his mom. True, he may stop the behavior and become quiet and somber, but he’ll become resentful, since you’re attempting to control him.

He’ll then stop having fun with you, and then begin doing the so called “immature” things behind your back, perhaps with someone who he considers more outgoing or inviting.


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