10 Proven Fat Burning Activities Which Are Fun To Do

4. Yard Work And Gardening

Most consider gardening to be their favorite hobby, so the good news is it also burns of plenty of calories as you work up a sweat. Depending on the gardening activity, you can burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes.

This includes lifting, squatting, digging, weeding, or pushing the mower around. So spend a few days a week to tend to your yard, have fun, and know that you’re burning calories as you manicure and landscape your lawn, or maintain your vegetable garden.

3. Walking Or Jogging

Walking is one of the best physical activities which burns off calories. What’s recommended is walking at a moderate pace for up to 60 minutes, 5 times a week, which burns off stored fat while boosting metabolism. Just 30 minutes of brisk walking can burn off around 150 extra calories.

There’s a collective gasp however when jogging is mentioned, one thinking that it’s damaging to the ankles, knees, and hips. But once taking the proper precautions, it’s just as safe as walking, only the health benefits are accelerated. Walking or jogging reduces heart disease and diabetes, while improving emotional and mental health.

2. Dance The Night Away

Put on your dancing shoes and go out on a Friday night to shake those hips, results in fat loss. Make sure that the alcohol intake is kept moderate. What different types of dance moves does is targets different areas of the body, this especially belly fat.

What dancing does is burns calories similar to jogging, swimming, or cycling. What’s known for certain is it also fights stress and anxiety, which are known contributors to weight gain. It can lower your heart rate and blood pressure once you rest, while improving your cholesterol levels.

1. Riding Your Bike

This is one of the first activities that we master as a child, and that’s learning how to ride a bike. Oh the freedom and the independence that it provides. Cycling is a beloved activity which burns belly fat, while toning up the muscles in the lower body.

It also makes your lungs work harder to regenerate more oxygen, which improves your metabolism, which helps burn fat. Riding a bike is also an environmental friendly way to get to Point B, while exploring the neighborhood and the world around you.