Your Perfect Resume Is Useless Unless Your Cover Letter Is Killer

Openings at $75K to $500K+

Writing a good cover letter is just as important for the job seeker as writing a great resume. The cover letter as you know accompanies the resume and acts as the opening primary support document. Whether you are using traditional mail, email, or fax, the cover letter should always be sent with the resume. When you are job seeking, there are other tools that you can use, along with the cover letter and resume. It’s important that you follow the initial application up with additional follow-up with letters, thank-you letters after the interview, personal reference letters, salary history and when you get the job, the job acceptance letter. If you initially have good cover letter and resume writing skills, the other written information should be easy to compose.

The only goal for all this is of course to get the attention of the human resources or hiring manager. Your resume should cover details of your professional career, and should be summarized in one to two pages. Your cover letter should be detailed but brief, and it serves as an introduction to yourself and the resume. The cover letter should be precise and direct, to the point, and should be able to instantly grab the attention of the reader. It should captivate the reader enough to want them to read the attached resume.

Many applicants, when writing cover letters tend to write too much. Good cover letter writing should be short and punchy, and will take just two or three important points from the resume and emphasize them. The old adage “tell them what you’re going to tell them, then tell them, and then tell them what you told them.” This holds true in resume and cover letter writing.

Here is an example for a technical managers position
Say you happen to be a Materials Handling Manager, and are looking for another position.
In this line of work the buzz words are: MRP, ISO 9000, lean manufacturing, and cost savings. The resume should mention these ‘buzz’ words to show your position and value to your current employer and your future employer. Your resume will go into much more detail about your accomplished goals. The cover letter will point out how you accomplished them. This should be in bullet paragraphs in the body of the letter that says….

• Experienced in quality assurance and quality control, MRP, ISO 9000, QS 9000, and Lean Manufacturing.

• Demonstrated results in saving significant money for employers through cost savings, inventory level reductions, and on-time supplier delivery.

The hiring or human resources manager, this according to surveys, spends approximately fifteen seconds on each resume and cover letter. With that in mind, your writing skills need to be excellent to get someone to look at your resume. The resume needs to be just as good to get someone to want to grant you a job interview. Also, your interviewing skills will need to be excellent to get the human resources manager to offer you a second interview or the position. All this starts with good cover letter and resume, and then it should have a happy ending with employment, job satisfaction and a paycheck.

Openings at $75K to $500K+

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