Why You Should Monitor Your High Blood Pressure When You Age

Knowing and monitoring how your body functions are obviously extremely beneficial to maintaining your health as you grow older. Knowing and keeping a pulse on your blood pressure will help in preventing: heart disease, strokes and kidney disease. The following are some vital steps you should be taking on tracking your blood pressure.

Anyone at any age can get high blood pressure. This regardless of how old you are, your ethnicity or gender. As there are a lot of people who currently suffer from high blood pressure, they are all unfortunately at a higher risk of heart related cardio diseases, than those who maintain and regulate their blood pressure.

So What Exactly Is High Blood Pressure?
When one’s blood pressure is high, what happens is that it forces more blood at a faster rate through the interior walls of your arteries. Keep in mind that your blood pressure is always rising up and then falling throughout the day. Like the temperature in the engine of your car, if it rises and then stays that way over time, then have high blood pressure. High blood pressure, is also often referred to as hypertension.

What Should Be A Normal Blood Pressure Level?
A normal blood pressure level in an adult, should be at or less than 120 over 80. The first number is known as the systolic pressure, while the second number is the diastolic pressure. The numbers are referred to as 120 over 80. If your blood pressure is say, 140 over 90 or even higher, then you have high blood pressure.

So what exactly is systolic blood pressure? This number is the force or pressure of blood in your arteries, while your heart is beating.

While the diastolic blood pressure number refers to the force or pressure of blood in your arteries, when your heart is relaxed.

What Are The Risks Of High Blood Pressure?
One of the most common risks of high blood pressure as mentioned are stroke, heart disease and heart attacks, and kidney disease or failure. There are risk factors that can be immediately modified with lifestyle’s changes or can be treated with medication or therapy, while others cannot.

Some Causes Of High Blood Pressure Based On Lifestyle:
• Tobacco/Cigarette Smoking
• Lack Of Physical Inactivity
• Diabetes
• Abnormal High Cholesterol Levels
• Overweight/Obesity

Can Anyone Get High Blood Pressure?
Unfortunately anyone can, whether young or old is susceptible to high blood pressure. Studies have shown that it’s more common however, amongst African Americans as well as Asians. It’s estimated that nearly one third of North American adults have high blood pressure. With proper diagnosis and treatment, you can fortunately lower your blood pressure.

How To Lower Blood Pressure?
There are several ways that you can immediately lower your blood pressure. The most common and obvious is exercising. Doing any type of physical activity will naturally make your heart stronger, for it to be able to handle the added stress. The benefits of a stronger heart can pump blood easier and a lot more freely, thus lessening your risks of kidney or heart diseases. And at any age, it’s never too late to start. A simple walk will do!

If you have high blood pressure and are concerned about about it, consult your doctor. Ask any questions that you may have, and find out the best ways to lower it. If all the regular methods fail, then consider medication. The right medication depends on your current health and lifestyle. So to live a healthy and longer life, monitoring and taking control of your blood pressure is vitally important.

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