Why Raw Foods Are The Best Nutrient Source For The Body

fresh raw gogiberry are the best foodsThe majority of individuals at some point in their lives become concerned about putting better, more nutritious food into their bodies. This attempt for the betterment of their health which eventually becomes a habit.

Doing so in turn improves the immune system, and prolongs the function of life in general. Most people also realize that eating natural food in its rawest possible state can make a difference.

Fresh edible raw foods of different varieties still retains their designated nutritional value, since their original essence hasn’t been destroyed by cooking out the nutrients. Microwave cooking, for instance, completely alters the foods molecular structure, forcing it to lose its substance.

The majority of raw foods are considered raw food when they haven’t been heated over 118F (48F), hasn’t been processed, preserved chemically, genetically modified, or pasteurized.

What raw food does is it still retains what’s known as the living enzymes, which are the valuable sources of: vitamins, good fats, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates, which have been left unaltered in their natural state.

What these powerful enzymes does is it helps digest your food better, while relieving the body of having to use up it’s natural storage of diminishing enzymes.

Your Body Will Love You For It
Eating raw food allows your digestive system to identify and then extract all of the nutrients from these natural raw foods, which as a result are then absorbed quicker into the bloodstream.

By filling your body up on the daily dosage of raw food, you’re also helping the natural digestion process, while assimilating and then utilizing all the nutrients that they provide.

This ultimately helps your body to perform a lot better, whether you’re wanting to lose weight, gain weight, strengthen your immune system, increase your endurance, or clear up your skin.

Raw Food Helps In The Craving Process
What filling your body with raw food does is it helps in putting an end to those unhealthy food cravings. By going raw, you’re feeding yourself with foods which are nutrient rich, which fills and satisfies you completely, and for longer periods of time.

You will no longer be craving those late 9PM cravings for unneeded carbs or sugar. You’ll also have a lot more energy in reserve, better endurance, determination, and clarity for everything that you do. One other benefit is you’ll begin feeling a lot more alert in the morning.

Incorporating Raw Food In Your Diet
There are individuals, however, who has become overwhelmed by incorporating raw food into their daily diets too quickly. Initially, the process is to keep it as simple as possible. Begin with substituting one raw food source at a time, such as snacking on raw food instead of eating a bowl of sugar processed cereal for breakfast.

Then begin adding a few more servings of raw vegetables and fruits during the day. Making a great tasting smoothie from raw food can replace a total meal such as lunch. It can be as easy as adding chia, coconut oil, goji berries, raw seed, nuts, and then sweetening everything up with raw fruit or pure honey over your morning oatmeal.

Knowing The Foods Which Are The Best For You
We’re all different in our genetic makeup, we all have different health issues, and all exercise differently. So what you need to do is find the exact balance of raw food which best works for you, your body type, and your personal situation.

There are now excellent varieties of raw food supplies as well as products which are available from your local natural health food store, or even at the supermarket.

There are an abundance of recipes available online, as well as seminars which teach raw food preparation techniques. Raw food is becoming easy, quick, and yes, it can be delicious.

The Most Recommended Raw Foods
Try Out Chia Seeds
Chia seeds has recently made a stand. These are the tiny little seeds which are found to have remarkably high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, soluble fiber, calcium, and easily digestible protein. Some experts are now even claiming that chia seeds are the perfect natural raw food source for dieters.

Raw Chocolate Cacao
What pure raw cacao contains is one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants of any food found in the world. What cacao contains is, zinc, iron, manganese, chromium, fiber, copper, serotonin, Omega-6 fatty acids, anadamide, and vitamin C, all in one single bite.

Pure Coconut Oil
Based on it’s weight, coconut oil happens to have the fewest calories than any other type of fat source, while containing the highest lauric acid concentration of any plant source.

What coconut oil is able to do is increase ones metabolism rate which contributes to weight loss. It’s important to take the smell test when it comes to coconut oil, however. It should smell exactly like the fresh coconut itself, otherwise, it’s most likely preserved and processed.

Go For Goji Berry
Goji berries are a complete source of protein which contains 19 different amino acids, along with the 8 essential amino acids. They also contain 21 or more trace minerals.

Goji berries, which are an adaptogen, is the only natural raw food source which is known to help stimulate the body in producing more human growth hormone (HGH) naturally. This as a results makes the goji berry one of the best Raw Foods available for anti-aging.

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